Sunday, December 30, 2012

Telemedicine, Telehealth, Tele - "Whaaat"

Medicine is starting to move towards the next step in medicine in the USA thanks to the new phone technology. In the old days the doctor was able to make house calls. Imagine this could happen again thanks to the video phone and laptop technologies. Imagine a doctor visit by "Skype" or "Face Time." A doctor may see as many as 150 patients daily now, with doctor visits to the hospital and office time. Could this number be increased? Think of all the fuel that could be saved just in transportation  of patients to see doctors. A patient could have a doctor appointment at the workplace with little to no lost work time. I understand this is not a new idea, however the technology is moving fast and so are medical providers to remain competitive. More about Telemedicine click here:    

Imagine the APP that can get you the doctor? The doctors are starting to use APPs to help them speed up there medicine calculations. NY times article

India and many other countries can see the advantage to this technology moving ahead. Read about India's Medial Kiosk - The first with tele medical access!

There are many different ways countries deal with healthcare. So as a result many countries will use the technologies differently. Germany will use the technology to access their personal records easier. China started working on telemedicine in the 1980's. Because of their huge population they have been entertaining technologies to deal with getting more out of the doctors they have. China now has three major telemedicine networks: the Golden Health Network (GHN), the International MedioNet of China (IMNC) network and the People's Liberation Army (PLA) telemedicine network. Nonetheless, research and application of telemedicine is at a relatively early stage in China.More can be learned about how other countries are advancing in telemedicine:

Making Apps for the new phones are one the next challenges for the next generation of tellemedical innovators. Will the next phone have a plugin heart monitor and thermometer? If the next phones resemble a watch, the phone could have the sensors built into the band. A doctor makes diagnostics by using his/her senses to match up the list of possible reasons a patient may be complaining. Could a doctor be eliminated by sophisticated software?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Safer Schools Require Innovation and Money

For years many schools across the nation are struggling to get safer school buses to get children to and from school. Not very long ago I chaperoned a class trip. The buses may have been new school buses however they still had the old style bench seat with no seat belts. This upset me enough that I searched through the channels to find how this could be even remotely possible in this generation. It was told to me that school districts could not afford to handle the expenses that would be added to the budgets. So regulations on manufacturers were relaxed.

Portland, Oregon was recently looking at earthquake proofing their schools and the same case scenario came into light. It's a good idea, but it will be too expensive. So they keep sending their kids to the schools sitting over active faults. Read the article here: New innovation draws attention for schools.

Recent school shootings have raised several questions. Some want to ban the guns and some want armed guards. Armed guards though not bullet proof either would fall into the expensive area I would think. I find it interesting that a person cannot enter a apartment building or a business without a special entry card or password. Yet most schools can be entered by simply passing a card table with a volunteer parent. The technology exists but are the tax payers willing to pay for it?

When schools are built, they are usually voted on and tax payers can be heard speaking out at town meetings, "Why does this school have to be so fancy? It makes it too expensive." Innovations when it comes to schools has to be free it seems to happen. Can we challenge ourselves to meet the safety needs of our own children in light of climactic changes and increased suicidal threats of desperate people?

Safety pods are available for tsunami threats. Can we build rooms in new schools that can be shut off to intruders  or strong enough to survive tornadoes or earthquakes? Safer schools needs these innovations now!

Air Bladder Technology Used In Wet Suits

I am involved with water safety in Green Bay, WI, so it is important for me to focus a post on the new wet suit technology. Most drownings can be avoided if a person uses a personal floatation devise,(PFD). Newer PFDs already use the inflatable technology to shrink the size and uncomfortableness of larger foam style PFDs. Recently several manufacturers are installing the inflatable bladder technology into wet suits. This seems to be a "no brainer" for surfers. The only problem that I can see is that a person has to be conscious to pull the cord to activate the bladder inflation. But if this is what it takes to get surfers to wear a PFD it is a great start. The next challenge is to get the technology into normal swimming suits. Will the old fashion full body swim suits so that we can incorporate the bladder technology for adults? Or could we find a way to use it in tank tops in a fashionable look!

How the Bladder arrived: The Bladder Wet Suit Technology Invented!

Bladder style PFDs make safety comfortable.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Using You Tube To Send Powerful Messages

I recently had a twitter message that drew me to this powerful message of the history of nuclear explosions from the creation to later 1990's. I would like to see the rest of the story. From then until now we have experienced wars and natural disasters that many explosions have happened. I think this gives you an uncomfortable feeling about the enormous amount of radiation that must be around us. While this could be perceived as a negative, could we see any positives from an innovative mind set. Could this reshape our future inventions? Should we be studying the effects on the human body? Can we design materials that help us deal with radiation exposure?

Using The Internet To Do Big Things

I had posted in a earlier blog how some are using the internet to use its most powerful resource millions of participants. In that post they organize participants who shared gardening and the over abundance of product to meet the need of food pantries. The internet power lies in commerce, philanthropy, education, communication, democratization efforts to mention a few. Another power recently has come to light, manufacturing. The Star War enthusiasts recently are combining their passion to design and build a life size model of the Millennial Falcon. This is a monumental task of design and organization to maintaining quality. They do have lower expectations that this model won't actually fly at light speed. But imagine the other possibilities that could lie ahead. Could we start building buildings, by assigning participants to sent certain parts of a building and have people receive the stuff by mail and assemble it?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

WASTE, Money and a Area for Innovations

"Eat what you have on your plate, many children in the world are starving," is a comment heard by many American children made by their parents. Recently when examining the cycle of food production to waste, it occurred to me we need to be to be more innovative. Add into the fact that only 50% of food produced gets actually eaten, the area needs help. Link to these facts: Food waste.  Our current state of life on this planet is unsustainable unless we find ways to better manage the resources we have. Do you want to start a business? Maybe your innovative contribution creating inventions, here are just some needs that waste presents.
  1. Wouldn't this be a better world if we could just put our information of the required food caloric needs of family members, the exact meal palatial needs, the exact amount of meals, taking into account product spoilage lengths make a printout. We would take it to the store, the producers and we only purchase what we need. Only exact purchases of the exact quantity is purchased and produced. That is one part of the need.
  2. Food products and other consumer products require shipping materials that are often just removed  and disposed. Creative and innovative shipping procedures, product production locations as well as recycling processes of the materials is need two.
  3. Matching needs with the non-edible products. The introduction of the intranet has gotten us closer to helping us reach this goal. Black Thursdays and Fridays are a great example of the problem. On these days millions of consumers waste resources such as fuel in their cars to time they could be with families and still not finding what they want or need. Can we do this step and not interrupt the consumer markets?
  4. Product sharing can help save resources of need. People have been coming up with ways to share cars, computers or creative ways to use the cloud (internet storage) to reduce the computer, notebook, camera and phone needs.  
  5. Examples of companies trying to keep this thought in mind can be good areas to invest as well. Here is a link to check out: 8 companies with results.

How You Build the Worlds Tallest Building in 90 Days

Can this be true? Just putting in the foundation is an undertaking in itself. The company that is saying that they can build the tallest building in 90 days is building most of the building in a factory setting. The world will be watching to see if this can happen. The enormousness of the project to be completed in 90 days leads many to say they don't want to go into this earthquake proof building when it is done. It seems to be a impossible task. Specifics and details at this link: CNET Post

This project will not only put China as a leader in building construction innovations but show they have some truly top project managers. I would have to add to this statement, some very cooperative city regulators. In the USA project managers would agree that city safety, building regulators and planners would have to redevelop their processes to make this happen in the United States. During building construction the inspectors can be the biggest challenge to on-time completions. However, many could argue that a USA building of this magnitude would draw less comments like, "You wouldn't catch me in that building."

Could we learn from the Chinese about this process, absolutely! We have modular, and factory component construction. We have a transportation system that is not the best in the world but competitive. We have some very knowledgeable and veteran project managers. We have some of the most skilled construction workers in the world. Yet if you were to ask, "Could we do this in America?" Few in the business would say it could be done.

The cost of building construction done "China style," could make building buildings like this in America very attractive and affordable. Material and energy wastes could be cut. Building big buildings could change the trends of urban sprawl and change apartment rental and real estate trends. More people could share the views of oceans and bays near large cities. Manufacturing in America could get an extra boost as we start building more building structures in factories designed to do so. It would require a change in how we do things. Can we do it? Yes we can!
Link of interesting Skyscraper facts: Building Big

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Could The Dark Knight Be The Next Star Wars?

The Star Wars movies were given credit for pushing the imaginations of  engineers to what lasers could do. It also pushed the brains to imagine of space travel and what other worlds could be like. The Black Knight has several creative ideas of what today's military could look like. Today's special forces have some primitive looking equipment compared to what Hollywood has put together.  

It was said in several other reports, that the producers of the Dark Knight played with toys in their garages to get the right look for their movie. The Bat Tumbler was designed by putting a  Hummer and a Lamborghini together. The Bat and the Bat Pod are definitely creative. I am very sure the the military will have vehicles in the future that resemble these clever machines that will give military troops an advantage in battles.

Dark Knight Bat - Flying machine (above) and the Tumbler and the Bat Pod are pictured at the right. The Movie is worth seeing just to see the special effects.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

How Much Air Do We Have Left?

I listened to a author talk about how air arrived on this planet. He explained that plants created and are creating what we breath now. What also was discussed was the fragile thin layer we have that envelopes the earth we live on. The illustration above shows the amount of drinkable water we have on the left and on the right is the amount of air we have. This visual shows the urgency and importance, that we come up with innovative ideas to manage these vital resources for the humans very survival on this planet. Every time you fire up your car, you can imagine how much air gets sucked in and and used as compared to your own lungs. Then multiply this by how many cars you see on the earths highways. It becomes a very scarey scenario.

Studying how this thin layer that envelopes the planet affects weather is what scientists are concerned about. Oil companies who's lively hood depends on our purchase of their product to survive, are fighting to disenfranchise and confuse the issue. Our future depends on whether we can breakout from the rut of oil consumption and to other energy innovations.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Power The Home With A Leaf

I reported in a earlier blog post that electric car manufacturers were planning to use the long life electric car batteries to power homes after the car dies. Why wait until the car dies? Why not make it an emergency power device to use in the case of a power failure to your home. As homes become smarter, power becomes more important. Could the cars of the future power sump pumps or keep the food cool while the home's main power is out? Nissan is saying the future is here. Here is the Link to explain the process: Leaf power is now!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Innovative Hull Design On The World's Largest Ship

Finland boasts of the World's largest cruise ship, the "Oasis of the Seas." This 16 story vessel used state of the art technology to design this huge ship's hull. How can something this large push through the water? Can we learn something from this ship to apply to others?
 The design of this ship can be used on the next step for the human expansion. Many engineers are designing floating mile long cities. This ship answers some of the interesting questions on how does the huge ships withstand hurricanes and other storms in the oceans.

More cool videos of its construction: Piece by piece!
The tour: Tour the ship!
Dramatic portrayal: Finland's commercial for the vessel.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Building a Dairy Business Solves World Hunger

Feed a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a life time. A key part of innovation can be learning a something new. Penn State has an idea to teach Dairymen how to succeed and compete in the milk business. This priceless series of webinars is free. Your have to sign up to be a Friends of Penn State to be able to access the webinars. then follow the instructions. Here is a link to what they have to offer: Technology Tuesdays!

Could you imagine learning other trades for free? If you search the internet you can find many webinars that can help you become an effective and prosperous business man. Webinars make learning as timely as email and as powerful as the time you put toward them.
Here are some more free webinars to change your life:
  1. Webinars to help you find a job!
  2. The business of exporting products!
  3. Here is a master list of webinars!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Anti-Matter the Answer to Energy Woes

I found a science video that is worth the 22 minutes of your time. Make sure you click to skip the adds so they don't rob you of this precious time. I have to admit this movie expands your imagination to levels of Jules,Verne and other more recent science challengers. Enjoy!

Click to the Voyage to Pandora!

Let The Asteroid Rodeo Begin!

Historians and archeologists have documented earth changing asteroid impacts with the planet earth over its life time. In an earlier blog post I talked of the impending asteroid strike that was predicted to be near the 2030 date. NASA lobbied congress for funding in 2006 through 2008 to fund attempts to stop this event from happening. All attempts were ignored by Congress. With the budgets tight, the new president Barrack Obama instructed NASA to redirect their attention from the moon to this asteroid concern. When one report said that the one impact could be planet destroying, something needed to be done. NASA has succeeded in redirecting smaller asteroids by impacting them far out in space with nuclear impact which has changed their path to not hit the earth. The farther in space you impact the asteroid, the the smaller the change is needed. The problem comes with the size of the asteroids, speed  and the trajectory. What plan B do we have if the asteroid path cannot be changed far out in space? NASA is starting to work on this dilemma. After all, what good is the Mars mission if Houston no longer exists because of asteroid impact?  Hello, hello this is Mars mission 5435, do you hear me? Why are you not responding?

Here is the link to the NASA progress report! NASA Asteroid Riding attempts!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Automated Farm is the Future?

Is it another Mars rover? No, it is concept robots to further automate the farm. As the landscape of farming is changing to mega and commercial farms, the concern for labor intensity and equipment expense continues. USA farms are moving towards self sufficient barns that clean themselves and training the cows to milk themselves three times a day by robots. We still see the areas of feed mixing and self feeding as an area that is still moving forward but not quite up to where they need to be. I can see where the other areas of the farm work can go to the robotic technology. The present large farms rely on very large machinery, performing the field tasks. Getting the feed to the barn is the next area for robotics according to people in the European nations. Link to Farm Industry Robots

The De Laval system has the cows milking themselves three times a day. Farmers have long known that milking the cows three times a day, does increase the overall milk output of a cow. The problem has been that milking the cows three times a day is very labor intensive. Not anymore!  The De Laval Milking Robots: Link to the De Laval Robotic Milking Machine Video

Feeding cows made easier: Link to Feeding Cows Made Easier Video.
Robotic barn cleaners: Link to Robotic Cleaner Barns! 
Part of the self cleaning barn is the self cleaning barn scrapers: Video of the Self Cleaning Barn Scrapers.Link to Video of Self Cleaning Manure Systems

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tape Technology Shows Up in Oylimpics Again!

Manufactures know that if they get athletes to wear their product in the Olympics it means literally millions of dollars in their pockets. From sunglasses to clothes to medical physical assistance products, we see them all. Sometimes the Olympics resemble NASCAR with the product label placements of company names and logos on the athletes. Is it real advantage or marketing? I think the answer is not just yes or no. Everyone has different physical challenges caused by the physical make up of their body. I find a certain sun glasses used by many athletes very helpful in the outdoors. My eyes seem less stressed after a day in the sun. Other people I know have tried them and were less impressed. In the past Olympics many athletes used the nasal tapes to give them advantages. Recent studies show that they are not as helpful as once thought. I can see if the athlete has smaller nasal entry passages they would allow for more volume to enter the body. I find it difficult to see how it might help everyone.

I do understand that  when a athlete is  pushing the limits of a body's capacity, injury happens. This 2012 Olympics has it's colored titanium tape used to help the concerned situations and body areas. Tape has often been used to support or position the tissue of concern. This tape is claiming to have Titanium technology embedded in the tape itself to provide additional healing capabilities by using a electrolysis assistance. Supporters of titanium's healing power believe that titanium can relax muscles, decompose lactic aid, improve mental concentration, promote blood circulation and subsequently eradicate tiredness. They also believe titanium aids in building stamina and physical strength.I questioned this myself, However my daughter suffers from shinsplints in soccer. Her and her teammates are claiming it helps allot. I wonder if it is more the support that the tape gives the tissue or is it electrolysis? Is it a placebo effect? Regardless this innovation works for now!
Tape stories to check out: Tape in the 2012 Olympics.
The "Mighty Metal" to checkout: Fad or Fiction.     

Does this technology work? Nasal Tape Of Past Olympics

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Predicting the Future is Part of the Job

(The Nitschke Bridge pictured left, was a first step in the Green Bay, WI down town rejuvenation.)

When it comes to building roads in America, you have to be able to use current and past data to determine the future traffic at least 40 years out. In an attempt to get the most of every tax dollar the bridges and roadways are expected to last even longer than 40 years. Product innovations in sealers and bonding agents are making it possible to seal bridges to protect them from the acidic action caused by the salt and other agents used to make winter travel possible. If you can make the bridges last over 100 years other questions play into the future vision. What will the buildings and architecture around the bridges look like? What do we want them to look like? By changing the aesthetics now can you push the society to become more beautiful? Would this stimulate more investment to achieve these heights of  future American pride? Does this aesthetic attempt affect future tourism dollars spent in a location? These are all factors and topics of architects and penny pinching tax payers when investing in our infrastructure.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, federal stimulus dollars are building roads and much needed bridges. A common question is heard in discussions in the workplace lunch rooms to coffee houses, does the bridges and the roads have to be so fancy?

The new cement techniques in stamping and coloring techniques used in today's concrete can be and are used in bridge building. They are then  sealed to protect from the salt and other winter road slip inhibitors that shorten bridge life. Here are some great technique videos that show some of this new amazing technology. Chlick on these links: Stamping and coloring concrete.
Coloring and Stamping Concrete - Ideal Solution
How do they do it?
Fixing up existing walls!
We are seeing a lot of this concrete technology used to make the aesthetics help dress up neighborhoods and seem more appealing to some who may not like this idea of change. After doing research for this post, I can think of several areas we could use this technology!

Construction in progress, the left side is colored and the right side is yet to be completed.
A completed bridge project, all sealed with pleasing aesthetics.

Friday, July 6, 2012

8 Grams of Thorium Power Future Cadillac for 300,000 Miles

In 2009 Cadillac released an prototype vehicle that would be powered by a nuclear Thorium Laser. Would a nuclear powered car be allowed to roam Americas streets? Read more at: Blog report on the Thorium powered Cat!

How do Thorium Lasers work?
The Thorium motor shown above uses a (nuclear) Thorium laser to heat water to steam to make the motion to generate the energy to produce the electricity. It could eliminate fossil fuels for futuristic power sources. The problem comes again with what do we do with the 8 oz. of spent fuel at the end of 300,000 miles of travel. Read even more: More to know!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Honda Hydrogen Fuel Stations

Hydrogen highways in California and Europe demand and Honda are pushing to get oil companies to either help out or get out of the way. Hydrogen cars are made in the USA and shipped for use in Europe where the hydrogen stations are more readily available. New Holland has been producing the NH2,100hp tractors in Europe for farm use. All this is driving the need for more hydrogen fuel. Honda has come up with another new fuel station to have at your home or your farm. Can you imagine not having OPEC deciding how much disposable income you have or how much profit your farm or business can make? Make your own fuel, I like it!

Read more: Fuel station for Hydrogen Hondas
Still more: More Station Details
New Hollands Hydrogen farm tractor You Tube walk around: New Holland Hydrogen Tractors in Europe

Green Fleets for Businesses

Google sets another standard for businesses to reach. Imagine your company purchasing green cars for company cars. It may be not practical for some , but think if it could be possible for 25 percent of business in the USA. The impact could be profound!

The Webb Telescope Gets Defunded By Congress

The budget cutting 2012 congress decided that it is not important for us to view the past and understand the universe around us. NASA has long been working to replace the Hubble Telescope. The original plan was 2018. It will be longer now, if happening at all.
Here is a link to the NASA video explaining the project: The Webbscope
Find out more: Read about the telescope.

What do you think? Is this something that should be cut from the national budget?

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Future Eye Wear With Google Glass

Imagine watching TV and scanning the Net, with your iris in your eye directing the screens in your glasses, like a mouse on a PC computer. We are not quite to that level, like the prototype pictured at the left. The really difficult part is figuring out how to make it safe enough so people don't try to drive a car or walk into the streets to their death while wearing them.

That was a problem that other manufacturers have had to deal with since the 1990's.Sharper Image sold LED glass tech glasses in their magazine back then. That one they had required a cable and a hip pack like the walk-mans of their day. Nano technology is making it even more attractive for the future people to have a virtual world around them.

The Google Glass Project is taking the first step. Soon they are going to release there Google Glasses. I have found a great video that explains it well. On technology this new, seeing is believing!
Use this link to see the newest marvel from Google world! Google glasses from Google labs.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flying Car Has Arrived!

The Transition is the answer to the ultimate transportation device. Air travel relies on the weather. Unfortunately out living timelines are not flexible enough to allow the weather to get in the way. Imagine flying until the weather gets bad, land and drive until the weather changes. It now can happen. A plane that is garage-able, street legal, and extremely safe to fly. The engine runs on gas station fuel. The vehicle proves that the idea of verging technologies to have new innovation works. My question is can we figure a way to verge this with a boat?

Check out the you tube video that shows how this machine works: Transition has a parachute!
Transition website: Transition Website

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bionic Suits Make News

Since the entomological study of ants, we have understood nature has used external skeletons to support creatures. Ants can carry many times their weight with somewhat ease. It has been a longtime dream of scientists to create super suits that a person can just put on and have super powers. Bionic suits have been in the movies like Iron Man and Spy kids. In the Spy Kids movie their handicapped grandfather leaves his wheel chair and puts on a suit and has better than normal abilities to run and lift. The military have been examining the possibility to have these exo-skeleton smart suits give them an advantage.

This month we have witnessed the start of  what might mean the end of wheel chairs for many people. Here is the link for the marathon participant that shows what man can dream or imagine can be reality. This is truly an innovation that opens a world of possibilities!  Bionic Suits Work!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

MAY 2012 - New HYBRID Semi Truck Sets Land Speed Record

In the trucking industry, many engineers don't take Hybrid technology as a serious challenge to existing technologies. After Volvo's world record run it leaves little to argue about. Green in trucking may yield considerable fuel economy, power to pull the toughest grade and deliver on-time  for the customers delight.  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why Do We Grow Old And Die? Telomeres?

The journey of life is to be viewed as complicated at best. A person can be predestined genetically to live a long life, and make decision to walk across the street at the wrong time and get struck down by a car. Another person could be exposed to a great deal of stress and eat their way to a condition exposing themselves to diseases such as heart disease that shortens their lives. Still another person may expose themselves to chemicals in their life's path that cause adverse chemical life threatening conditions.There are  many other life choices we make that can change the distance we travel in life. But say everything is done right and we live a longer life, why does the the body grow old? Science has found there are genes tied to the aging process.

Science has been studying this but are finding answers in the very genes that make us: Finding the Aging genes!

Recent find in genes that are shut off at certain stages of life: Bionews article of new markers in the aging process.

Understanding it all? Check out the link:

As the research in aging continues with the effort to find the absolute master gene that determines the control on the systematic shutdown of key functions that lead to aging, we can be sure money can be made in innovative ways to prolong life. Drug companies are looking into chemicals that can be added to the body that will imitate the missing elements that are getting shut down.

Telemeres are a measure of how long you are expected to live. Here are the Lab explanations: Shay-Wright Labs - Telemeres 

There is a blood test that measures the telomeres in your blood. Shorter telomeres mean your life will be short. Check out the article on the blood test: ABC news - body aging blood test.

I found this list at Wiki How to be a very realistic list of how to live longer. Live longer list.

In the pursuit of  innovation, I was surprised at the lack of longer-life clinics. I can only believe with all the Weight Watchers and weight loss clinics that the next step would be the longer life clinics.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Is It A Boat, A Garden Or A Water Purifier?

This Futuristic Boat Is designed to be a living space and have a hull design to allow the boat to clean the water. This is a boat that even Green Peace would like. Could we use this idea in smaller boats? Could we take this mindset and design boat hulls to do more than plane over the water? Could we use the water jet propulsion of many vehicles to capture and filter impurities from the water. Like carbon points for land vehicles, could we implement a chemical recovery, environmentally friendly, points system to promote cleaner marine travel? These futuristic ideas push innovation into tomorrow's reality.
Physalia a great idea!

Aeroponic Systems, No Dirt, Just Mist, and Great Results

In earlier blog posts, I reported of how California organic strawberry farmers injected steam in the soil to create huge strawberries. Still in another post, in Milwaukee Wisconsin there is a business raising fish and circulating the water using hydroponics to grow plants at the same time. Now the next step is aeroponic systems that pump a nutrient, water mist at the roots. The results are impressive. There are several systems available. You can go from systems that can be mounted in cheap storage containers, to Airport Tower Gardens , to sizable green house style plantations. The herbs seem to be more pungent with an explosion of flavor. The vegetables are larger and more tasty. Because of these attributes, restaurants are starting to target these specialties.I have some concern  about the carbon foot print from the electric pumps used to force the spray and the costs to maintain the system. Is it the future of farming? 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

From Cancer Cure To Rubber Products In Yard Weeds?

The dandies have come along ways from your daughters first bouquets. How many urban folks have struggled to rid themselves of these nasty yellow weeds that take over their lawns. Could we use these rapid growing dandelions for something else?

Cancer cure - Scientists are seriously looking into the root as a possibility to destroy cancer cells without destroying the good cells. Destroying cancer after it started without hurting anything else is a possibility. Read : National Post Article On Dandelions

Medicine -  The dandelion  (taraxacum officinale) has properties of the roots that are mainly used as an appetite stimulant, and for liver and gallbladder problems. Dandelion leaves are used as a diuretic to help the body get rid of excess fluid. Read : University of Maryland School of Medicine

Food - Tea, Wine, Salads are just many of the ways people are consuming dandelions. My only caution is that in urban settings be careful not to consume any plants, where the plants may have herbicides on them or in them. These chemicals could be detrimental and very harmful to your health. Many lawn owners have been fighting the battle of the yellow flower for years with chemicals. Read Recipes: Dandy salads , GNC Tea , North Dakota Wine , Dandy Jam .

FORD - Yes the Ford motor company is using the dandelions to make a rubber product. Even though it is the Russian variety of the weed that the Ohio State university and the Ford Motor company are using it does make for interesting table talk. Read the article: Ford's Rubber Quest. Tire prices are rising dramatically because of material shortages. Could the answer be in the dandelion weed? Or maybe a genetically manufactured version of the American dandelion. Still another question is could the answer for cancer cures, food shortages and manufacturing materials shortages be right under our feet?   

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Consumer Information Catalog Is Still Helpful and FREE!

It is still nice to know that some things can still be obtained free. I was recently reminded of this when I went to the site. This site is worth looking

You can find a host of publications that will assist consumers with every area of their lives. Preparing for the future can rely on the information you can obtain here. This innovation is not new. It is a old innovation with lots of new stuff. Most of it is free, the rest is fairly priced to cover printing, handling and shipping costs. It is a must have for younger viewers and a eye opener for the life experienced. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shore Power Takes On A New Meaning

The Navy, Marine and boating worlds have known this term for many years. When a floating vessel comes into port the vessel plugs in to shore power to enable everything on the vessel to be powered by electricity from shore electricity so the engines do not have to run for the port term. It seems like a no brainer then that this idea could be adapted to fit other transportation modes. The heavy duty truck transportation industry that hauls America's products have been very slow to adapt to this method. The majority of heavy duty semi trucks have units that have the same amenities of a home, a yacht, or even a motor home. Several large cities like Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA have started enforcing laws to stop the huge trucks from idling their trucks all night. This helps to fight noise and air  pollution, in the short term and slow global warming in the long term. Not to mention the fuel. Some companies have went to other expensive alternatives such as small fuel burners for heat and battery controlled air conditioning units. In colder climates, electric engine heaters are plugged into shore power so they can keep the engine warm and start the units. Yet they still left the obvious conversion to total shore power for all on board components unused over all. The extensive use of sleep apnea machines by the drivers are helping to push the trucking industry to look at shore power for the answer. Over the road drivers are required to live in these units. Refrigeration for food, air conditioning, heat, televisions where somewhat regulated by fleet owners, but sleep apnea machines cannot be regulated they are required for the life of the driver. The government has now started a "STEP" project, Shore power Truck Electrification Project. Link: Smart power for trucks!
Please watch this video: Good for business, good for everyone!

STEP realized shore power is just a simple way America can save tremendous amounts of diesel fuel every year. Decreasing fuel demand and lowering costs of shipping America's products. STEP requires trucks, especially older trucks to be retrofitted with shore power kits. There are some free kits being provided at the STEP website. It also requires truck stops and waysides to provide electrical hook ups. While this is a smart start towards fuel consumption and pollution control, still another part of the same industry uses refrigeration trailers that need this technology as well. This is a business where innovation can create new business and jobs, that is a win, win for all sides.