Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Weapons Are A Long Way From The One Shot Muskets!

     In a day when the US department of Justice reports a rise in gun crimes, in part because of the passing of conceal and carry laws by the majority of he states, a new twist in weapons may be taking shape. Not that there is a rash of shoot outs, it is because of the increase of gun owners and the potential for incidents increase because more people have guns. Theft,accidents and suicide are the majority of the gun crimes (Justice Dept. NY gun crime 2010 report).

     The Pentagon developed a beam weapon that can deter an adversary by causing a burning sensation on their skin.The innovation has taken a step forward with the development of a small, potentially hand-held, version. The weapon, which is claimed to cause no permanent harm, could also end up being used by police to control civilians.
     The idea of the weapon is to “create a heating sensation that repels individual adversaries”, according to the Joint Non- Lethal Weapons Diretorate in Quantico, Virginia, which develops less-lethal weapons for the US military and coastguard. In the race to get the biggest, coolest gun may not include bullets in the future. Read more at:  Darkgovernment.com

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