Saturday, November 9, 2013

Inductive Charging Soon To Be Used In Electric Cars In your Town

Cities in their efforts to encourage electric cars are installing chargers near parking stalls. The first units have been poles with plug-ins which require cords and leave them open to vandalism. Items like electric tooth brushes and cell phones have started using inductive charging to charge up their batteries already. Toothbrushes use the technology for safety so the user don't get electrocuted plugging in a cord. Inductive charging, often called wireless charging uses magnetism to get the power from the power grid to the batteries without cords. The manhole cover in this case has a coil that creates a magnetic field that the electric cars coil can pickup and transfer the power to the battery.

The vehicle has to equipped with the coil for the system to work. The system will eliminate the need for poles. The system can be fully automated to identify the users and activate the system from inside the vehicle before leaving. New Yorkers will be a great place to try this out. Manhole covers will be a bit harder to vandalize. This technology makes electric cars even more easier to maintain power.

Resembling a manhole cover allows for the surrounding aesthetics to not be affected by the technology. 

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