Monday, February 28, 2011

Innovation Class First Blog Post

Innovation in the Workplace

Blue Cheese Nation Update, Mar. 1st 2011 
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

     The purpose of the course is to promote 
innovation in the workplace. The definition of 
innovation can be stated as the introduction of 
something new, a new idea, method, or device. We have examined the process, the environment, and the state of creativity necessary for fostering innovation. Without innovation, things stay the same and can cause products and companies to be left behind. Innovation is the key to winning in the competition of the business world. To this extent, innovation can improve profitability, employment sustainability and help provide solutions to the worlds many challenges. Along with innovation comes the resistance of change, the ambiguous human challenge. Effective managing for the future can hinge on one’s ability to incorporate, identify and foster innovation.

     I personally think that innovation holds the key to completion in the world’s market place. History shows America has stayed on top because of it’s dedication to innovation. Unfortunately, in recent times, we see restrictions on such ideas of high speed rail, stem cell research, genetic advancements and lack of invention funding. America seems mired in the security that normal is better than stepping outside the box. While this mentality prevails in the US, other countries move forward. China boasts of the fastest trains in the world and laws requiring 30 mile per gallon cars. Japan and South Korea move to advance robots and electronic intelligence. Germany and European countries move to wind generation as 25 percent of their energy sources. European nations become the countries supporting space travel and supplying the space station. Brazil depends on no other nations for their energy needs. If America stays the course, it will lose it’s world’s influence. Without innovation, leadership is fleeting. 
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Continue to checkout this blog because the Innovative Tigers team will be updating the progress of the team project. We are 5 with a plan to make a difference in the world, developing something new that creates value.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hydogen Fuel Cells= No Polution

The ideal power source is low cost and with no pollution. The hydrogen fuel idea is not a new one. Iceland and Denmark have been using hydrogen to power their public transportation. Honda is pushing home hydrogen production units for their hydrogen cars. The 202 Colabortive company is using algae to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen fuel cells after the energy is released only exhaust pure water vapor. Honda's 2008 proto-type vehicle looks very futuristic. The Honda Clarity sold in California is a little more casual to help the public be more receptive to the change. I love the future design idea myself.
Articles can be found at:

One of the Largest Wind Farms In The USA, Is In Indiana

I recently was traveling from Indianapolis, Ind. to Chicago, IL and was amazed at this huge wind farm. This is the largest wind farm in the Midwest.  A person can be awestruck at the majesty of the hundreds of wind towers across the landscape. It is a project by BP wind power and Dominion energy. It will provide power for 120,000 homes. One thing that amazes me is the many farms that are participating in the project. It appears to work nicely with the many crop fields that they are constructed within.  I was truly impressed with how they had buried all connecting power lines and how clean it looked. The white towers looked majestic against the blue skies and the farmers fields.  As far as you could see and for miles along the highway rows and rows of white towers. All but one was turning with the winds the day I was there. When I was growing up I would gawk out the car window at the many barns with small multi-bladed windmills used to pump water from the farm wells. Times have changed. We can make more of the free wind to make even a bigger difference. Green technology does exist, the oil companies know it and are figuring out how to make it work for them! Read more at:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flying Cars Are Real But Have Hit Turbulence

The Moller sky car which was featured on the 60 minutes TV show has hit some turbulence. Like many of the new cutting edge companies, the recession has provided roadblocks to success. The dominoes began to fall when the George W. Bush administration killed the support for the super highway in the sky program designed in conjunction with NASA. Check out the 60 minutes TV show at this link: CBS Sky Cars and Their Highway

200 Mile Per Gallon Cars Are Real

Aptera is California's 200 mile per gallon car. Can this car be produced fast enough? It will be available in California first. The Jetson like car will take some time to get used to, because of appearance, but it's affect on you wallet will make it very attractive. Article can be found at:

  There are articles that report that the company is waiting for some federal funds to continue with this cool car. Whatever the holdup, this shows that mega high mileage cars are possible.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome To Blue Cheese Nation

From the innovation of the past to the 21st century, success comes from forward movement. This blog is to promote the advancement of innovation. To go where we have not been before. We are the interested in your ideas to make our lives better. To excite the imagination and bring value. As we walk through life, we depend on the perspective of the path. Our view can be from up on top, or looking up to the sky. It is from a different view we find that overlooked solution that can bring that smile.