Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, Google Thinks ItsThe Future

Google is betting that this is the answer for our growing power needs.The Google company has invested $168 million in a Mojave Desert facility that will become the world's largest solar power tower plant. The site for the ISE generating system is located on 3,600 acres in the Mojave Desert in southeastern California.
 The solar thermal system uses mirrors to intensify the solar energy to the center tower heating the water to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The steam is used to power the turbines the power the generators to power 140,000 homes during peak hours. Read more about the Plan to be completed in 2013: Worlds largest solar thermal power plant of its kind. 


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Introduce Watson from IBM and Honda and WOW!

After watching the video from IBM and rethinking the previous postings of Japan's robots, I thought it is important to revisit this possible verge of two inventions to make a tremendous step for man kind. You put IBM with it's artificial intelligence of "Watson" and Honda together with it's robots, WOW. If you could verge these two the results could be amazing! Watch this video from Honda and see if that is what you think as well!
Honda's video: Power of a dream

IBM Documents Human Evolution Over One Hundred Years Of Business

This blog is an on going effort to help support the push the Presidents initiative to promote innovation. It's sometimes good to examine where we have come from. This enforces our confidence and abilities that we can do it. You may even say at the end of this video, "Yes, we can!" This video is worth the 13 minutes. This is the company that is responsible for, "Watson" the artificial intelligence that beat the champion humans on the TV show Jeopardy!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Flexible Conductors Are Going To Concerts?

On both sides of the stage, these flexible video like screens can be viewed.
     How we progress in the future will depend some on how we handle electrical energy. The human body transfers electrical signals through a cellular goo we call nerves with spectacular efficiencies not yet understood. As the man travels from copper and metallic compounds encapsulated in a insulation of some kind to glass materials that handle light pulses and electronic transfers, we are starting to see even more technologies changing the world around us. As computers and video screens become flexible, the first step is metallic fibers woven into plastic fibers. Concerts are the first to use this technology in their stage configurations. At a recent Kenny Chesney concert in Green Bay, WI. parts of the stage contained flexible video like displays. This allows the stage to be disassembled easier, transported and reassembled at the next location with higher reliability. Big screen TVs are nice, but are fragile with excessive travel. Could you imagine a laptop you roll up!
     Well brace your selves, companies are looking into the next steps of using polymers ( plastics) to transport electricity. They already use much of this in the LED technology. The one company is looking into actually using printing machines, silk screen machines, and even inkjets to adhere polymer conductive materials to surfaces to transfer electricity to components to do our work. Polymers used for conductors will change the way computer circuit boards are made. We are pushing our electronic devices to be more portable, flexible, durable and weather proof. This could usher in a new way of thinking .
Read more at: New tech in plastics.

The New Air Bus Of The Future

The Air Bus company released a view of what it will look like in the future to fly commercially. This is the ultimate sun roof. I am one who likes to sit by the window seat, however at certain times it could be a little uncomfortable on the eyes. The early dawn flights when your above the clouds can be a bit overwhelming. Maybe the window material will have LED technology to dim the light if it gets to intense. This technology will be in some high end cars soon. The night flights would be majestic, resembling space travel from Star Trek. As commercial flight reaches new heights the view cloud be even more amazing.

Air bus release: The 2050 view
Other views, read more: More views of the future.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Volkswagen Aqua Concept Car Design, Finally The Future!

Even though it is a concept car, it looks like the cars I grew up believing that the cars of 2000, would look like. It took a Chinese
Xihua University, 21 year old graduate in Industrial Design,
Zhang Yuhan, to design this master piece.

In China there are areas of rough terrain, that requires a different mode of transportation than what we are accustomed to in the U.S.A.. The CDN China Car Awards were sponsored by Volkswagen to challenge young designers to do just that. This did not win, but it was a finalist. I personally think Volkswagen would sell quite a few of these gems.

The power plant is a hydrogen fuel cell, with extra boosters for more power when needed. The hovercraft travels over any terrain, water and snow. In the "Back To The Future" movies, Marty asked, There's not enough road to get up to 88 miles an hour! Doc replied, "Roads? Where we're going we don't need any roads!" 
Watch the You Tube Video at: No roads, Aqua car.
Read more at: Future Volkswagen, maybe not.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LRAD Is Becoming Effect Weapon

In 2005, a cruise ship was armed with LRADs, when attacked by pirates toting machine guns and other heavy hitting artillery. The pirates engaged the LRADs and turned away. The LRADs are  used in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with similar results. Homeland security is equipped and police swat teams are using them to control crowds.

LRAD is an acronym for Long Range Acoustic Device. This weapon has been known to bring people to their knees in pain from the sound. Some persons have become very sick from the vocal extreme. There are several videos of SWAT teams using it on our our college students to break up riots. Even though it sounds horrible, it does beat the alternative of gun fire.
  Read more about this weapon at this link:How The LRAD works

Sunday, June 5, 2011

8,870 Miles Per Gallon Wins Shell Eco- Marathon

In a recent advertisement in Time, Shell announced this accomplishment. The idea of any vehicle traveling 8,870 miles on one gallon of fuel is hard to imagine. A person may say, "Sure a one person vehicle that is not practical for a family, can be done, but not family cars." Think again, multi- person transporters at last years Houston Shell Eco-Marathon boasted of over a thousand miles per gallon. There is a European, Asian and a Houston U.S.A. Eco-Marathon. What is truly bizarre is  that these events are sponsored by the Shell oil company. Next time you meet a car company engineer or salesman that says the new car your looking at gets 30 miles a gallon, say, "Is that all?"

Click on the link to see American Shell Eco-Marathon: Coverage video of 3 day Houston event

Shell company page on American event: Houston Eco-Marathon information

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

3D From Movies To TV's. How Does It work?

Magicians have often found ways for optical illusions to trick the brain. 3D has always been about tricking the brain by having one eye seeing something different from the other eye. The old movies used different colors on each eye and using images on the screen that used the colors in the images so that each eye saw something different. The brain puts it together causing the brain to see 3D. (Old technology is pictured at the right.) Today they have taken 3D to a different level. Instead of colors to trick the brain they use digital technology, resulting in a clearer and more realistic 3D. TV's use two signals sent to the screen. The special glasses only allow the left eye to see the frames meant for the left eye. the right lens only allows it to see the frames meant for the right eye. The eye wear manufacturers are perfecting the coding process in the lens. Oakley boasts they have the best movie glasses ever made. The more you pay the better the experience. Dreamworks president Jeffrey Katzenberg has said in earlier interviews, that because the technology is getting so good, most new movies will be seen in the 3D format. That is the reason you see TV manufacturers rushing to get the 3D TVs on the store shelves.

Oakley makes the ultimate 3D glasses, clink on this link to read more: Ultimate 3D
Read more, click the link: How does 3D work?

Innovation Tigers are 3 dimensional!