Saturday, August 31, 2013

3-D Printers Move Forward Building Their Own Components

As the evolution of the 3-D printers moves forward the Internet community is playing its part. Sharing product programs seems to be still working. G-Max has developed a long awaited affordable 3-D printer to help this continue at a larger scale. This unique machine is printing its own parts. Need to modify a car part or a make your own shoe design, this printer is big enough to do it. When I first reported of the new 3-D phenomenon and its possibilities the products were small. Its exciting to see its transformation unfold. This machine does not have the multi product components yet to print the metal solder material for printed circuits to be embedded in the plastic for electrical features or product strength components needs. I think that is the next step in its evolution. We are stepping closer to robots creating themselves, but we are not there yet!. Check out its website: GMAX printer

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Drone Wars in Next Big Conflict?

The next big conflict could bring lasers and drones from friction movies to reality. Drones have been in the news as the US uses the technology to eliminate terrorist threats. USA is not alone in this technology. Iran captured a US drone and is trying to duplicate the technology themselves. Watch Iranian video: Iranian video of captured drone. China has been perfecting their own. Many reports show they resemble the US aircrafts, but they design their crafts to target the USA Naval destroyers. Kamikaze pilots inflicted great damage in World War II skirmishes. US Destroyers are equipped to use lasers to stop drone attacks. Checkout Laser strike video:Laser destroys drone.  As global conflicts arise, United Nations negotiations become more important. Gone is the "jump to conflict" philosophy once thought as a smart idea. Technologies can give the smaller radical groups the ability to inflict substantial damage. While drones spare pilot deaths they also add a different dimension to moving Naval destroyers into arms way.
Chinese Show of Drone Power.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Russian Space Suit Innovation Comes Through For Space Station

New Russian Suit was tried out this week with success. The need was for a reliable space suit that give astronauts the maneuverability outside the space station the Russians stepped it up. It was a confidence upgrade from the USA space suit. Read more about 2012 USA suits in this article: article.

Space suits are tested under water to assure there are no leaks. Yet in a recent space walk, the USA suit almost drown a Italian Space walker, "in space." NASA thinks that water may have leaked from somewhere in the cooling system area inside the suit. Repair kits were rushed to get them on the space craft going to space station crew from Russia. Work can't wait because of expensive space construction schedules. It was the time for the Russian suit to shine. The Russian space walkers with Russian space suits set a Russian record of 7 hours and 16 minutes with todays walk. Even though American suits hold a record of over 9 hours, dependability becomes a big concern when your life depends on it. NASA will have to work to do upgrades to regain confidence that the USA suit can be safe again. The USA suit is less bulky and has the comfort and maneuverability down, but has to fix the functionality.  Read more at:
Space Suit Basics

Monday, August 12, 2013

How Many Ways Are Stem Cells And Genetics Changing Human History?

I was contemplating the effects of the Stem Cell technology discovery. I was surprised at the many I discovered and imagine the possibilities I didn't find. Not to mention the many of Gene related discoveries and innovations that are cropping up each day. Here are the few I came up with:

  1. Medical therapies for diseases, treatments and conditions
  2. Medical advancements for the human condition
  3. Pharmaceutical advancements
  4. Human and animal blood production
  5. Plant advancements
  6. Plant variety creations
  7. Animal genetic advancements
  8. Matching human body organs and parts
  9. Human and animal prostheses
  10. Animal meat generation for human consumption
  11. Milk creation and production
  12. Milk creation improvements to eliminate adverse human consumption conditions
  13. Nail and Hair production for wigs and cosmetics
  14. Human capabilities increased physical and mentally -
  15. Product enhancements - (Better foods, better human and animal affecting uses).
  16. Geological historical rejuvenations - (Bring back extinct animals) 
  17. Memory enhancements - (Using Stems to enhance the brains ability to store more information)
  18. Tremendous new job creation for many new industries as the technology creates itself
  19. Creation of  better plant products
  20. Advanced production of stem cells for readily excepted within human beliefs   
    Coloured scanning electron micrograph of human embryonic stem cells (Image: Miodrag Stojkovic/Science Photo Library)
How many more can you come up with?

70 Percent Of Agricultural Land Raises Livestock. Can We Do It Better?

When corn was 7 to 8 dollars a bushel, you could hear farmers say, "Why would I raise $7 corn to feed it to cows to make $2 milk?" Well Dutch Scientists are saying, Why can't we take one cell from a animal and multiply it into 40 billion cells." They did and they ate a hamburger they made by doing just that. This proves that it can be done and that there are some improvements to be made, but it can be done. Next they will do the same with milk. Will the next farms look like huge laboratories run by robots to make our produce and animal products? Checkout the innovation to change farming: Expensive Bugers

Watch the video: How did they do that?

Yummy Burgers from scratch!

Tube Travel Was A Dream of the Past and Now the Future

New ideas coming from the original Elon Musk, Pay Pal creator, Tesla Car Company mogul and future inventor of a new transportation mode that verge the air hockey table, office mail shuttle, subway and a high speed train.When I watched the high speed trains of China cruise through the country side with cows and animals nearby, I could only see future troubles. This idea has possibilities just for safer high speed rail. Read more at: Bloomberg Business
Still more at:Hyperloop Defined