Saturday, October 27, 2012

How Much Air Do We Have Left?

I listened to a author talk about how air arrived on this planet. He explained that plants created and are creating what we breath now. What also was discussed was the fragile thin layer we have that envelopes the earth we live on. The illustration above shows the amount of drinkable water we have on the left and on the right is the amount of air we have. This visual shows the urgency and importance, that we come up with innovative ideas to manage these vital resources for the humans very survival on this planet. Every time you fire up your car, you can imagine how much air gets sucked in and and used as compared to your own lungs. Then multiply this by how many cars you see on the earths highways. It becomes a very scarey scenario.

Studying how this thin layer that envelopes the planet affects weather is what scientists are concerned about. Oil companies who's lively hood depends on our purchase of their product to survive, are fighting to disenfranchise and confuse the issue. Our future depends on whether we can breakout from the rut of oil consumption and to other energy innovations.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Power The Home With A Leaf

I reported in a earlier blog post that electric car manufacturers were planning to use the long life electric car batteries to power homes after the car dies. Why wait until the car dies? Why not make it an emergency power device to use in the case of a power failure to your home. As homes become smarter, power becomes more important. Could the cars of the future power sump pumps or keep the food cool while the home's main power is out? Nissan is saying the future is here. Here is the Link to explain the process: Leaf power is now!