Friday, September 30, 2011

From Snow Boards to Snow Bikes, Verging Motorcycles and Snowmobiles

The Snow Hawk (pictured above) is catching on in Canada as a new challenge for the snow covered slopes. It comes with a front wheel to replace the front ski so the bike can be used year around. Even though this bike boasts of better fuel mileage than the average snowmobile, other manufacturers are taking it electric.
The Quantya electric snow bike prototype (pictured on the left), is based on a Quantya MX bike but features the snowmobile-like track and a front ski so that it would turn into a fairly easy and fun bike to ride on the show. The challenge is that the batteries tend to run out too fast because of the cold, so different battery and motor power combinations are being considered and tested at the Quantya headquarters in Switzerland. Once they figure this last detail out, it will be a real kick butt "green" bike.

Noah's Ark 2011

2011 has seen a world of natural disasters. Families in coastal regions are confronted with the thought of how do we survive in the case of a emergency. A company in Japan (Cosmo Power Co.) is making these little, Noah's Arks. The basic model holds up to 4 people, it floats and according to articles I have read has survived many crush tests. I can see if you are equipped with a self supplied, updated GPS locating device, you could be found after the event. You would have to have figure out a food and waste system on your own as well. The Noah pod, will get you through the event, but from that point on you need to hold on for rescue. If you are swept out to sea it could be awhile. This is a great idea though, and addresses an important issue that seems to be more common place as the we see the effects of global climate change. You can read more at:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

China Launches Their Space Station, Sept. 29th

Chinese Space agency launched their first space station without any problems. Even though it is not as elaborate as the International space station, it shows the Chinese space agency means business. Read more about the space station: Chinese space station.
Watch the launch: BBC follows launch.

Government Innovation in Petitioning

 Throw out the quill and fire up the electronic touch boards and get involved with your government. The Obama administration has increased the ability of an average citizen to impact their country through the influence of the internet and electronic social media.
Ever think, why doesn't the government do this? By doing a little research with the governments new platform, you can start your own petition and promote it. If enough people think what your trying to do is important enough, the government assigns it personnel to get action within the government. Get involved today with the new innovation and make a difference in your America. Check this out at: We the People!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Futuristic Designs Ask The Question, Why Not?

Since the creation of the automobile the design has always resembled their four wheel horse carriage ancestors. New designs are starting to appear on the net using Segway technology two wheel designs, that explore the newly created man made materials to break the mold of how cars should look in the future. This car was designed by Christopher Latta and can be viewed and read about at: Zero Impact . Move aside carbon based fuel burning planet busters, the future is coming. This uses a hydrogen power pack.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TMS procedure cures depression and controls pain in most patients.

Scientists have found by applying a magnetic field to different areas of the brain, they can cause it to react in different manners. They found by changing the magnetic field's intensity they can increase the responses. They know that pain sensations that the brain sense occur in a rear lobe of the brain but they also know that a front lobe controls that pain feeling. Scientists think they will be able to control a patients pain after surgery or in other times pain relief is needed. That same front lobe handles the depression sensation we feel. If we apply a magnetic field (TMS) to that area on a regular basis, over 1/3 of the patients were cured of depression. Another 1/3 it helped some, and 1/3 of the patients received no change from the TMS procedures. In a day when contractual agreements are signed between doctors and insurance providers, you may have to ask the doctor to try this procedure. Even though the doctors may know of this procedure; it is something rarely covered by the insurance companies and so most likely discouraged by some doctors. For patients with medication problems this could be the answer. Read more at: About-TMS-Therapy
Watch Nova : NOVA's Magnetic Mind
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