Friday, May 24, 2013

Drones Used in Agriculture Gives Farmers Eyes in the Skies

We have heard of drones in the military, however the technology is helping farmers around the world and soon, (we hope), in the USA. The FAA rules are holding back the authorization of such equipment for farm use in the USA. In other countries where these drones are used, farmers can identify crop conditions to determine, fertilization, field drainage needs, find livestock, with huge time, material and financial savings for improved profits. Click on the link for more information: Flying Farm equipment. 


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Smart Phones, Now Smart Guns?

Just when you thought it couldn't get easier for the hunter, along comes the computer controlled rifle to eliminate any waste of bullets and guarantee the one shot kill. A person has to question the idea of sportsmanship with this degree of accuracy. This gun uses the red dot technology that already exists , for the hunter to locate the target lock in the target. The computer "Smart" technology then will fire the weapon only when the firearm is pointed in the correct trajectory to the target. Link to more information and video : Tracking Point Firearms

Fun gunners like to think they are saving high cost ammunition and eliminate accidents by hitting only what they have intended it to hit. Concerned public safety activists fear that in the wrong hands the weapon can be deadly to victims in the line of fire from a suicidal homicidal killer. In the Newtown event, it was the empty clip that allowed the demise of the killer. In different situations where the shooter could be firing from a distance, this rifle could be devastating. Every shot guarantees a kill, allowing every bullet in the clip to do damage.The company says it will control who buys this gun and it will require a password to fire the gun. This handles theft, but does not address the issue that background checks are not required at many State gun shows. So yes, they could be bought second hand by unidentified killers at the local gun shows.

It will be interesting to see the waves of controversy this innovation could make in the next few months.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Solar Impulse Proves Solar Is An Energy That Works!

Like the Daimler Hydrogen car of the early 2000's that journeyed across the USA at record speed and traveled into Washington DC it attempted to prove to the American people and its government that the technology was here. "Now, just put the hydrogen infrastructure in the USA, so that the cars can be made and bought by the consumers of America," they requested. Instead the Bush Administration designated tax payers monies to a hydrogen research center to research and develop the technology. The designation was enough of a payoff for about 5 years of research. This bought five years for the oil companies to continue destroying the globe for the next generations. Now Ford is boasting that by 2017 the cars will be hydrogen and self driven by electronics. They are asking Washington / Congress to develop the hydrogen station infrastructure to support the cars that will supply environmentally safe energy. The oil companies will continue to try to delay the top customer, the USA, from cutting back on their product. While USA car manufacturers, produce hydrogen cars for Europe, Republican politicians will continue to chant "Drill bay Drill," at their national conventions. The oil companies will not stop at this gullible coupe, yet target others in need of their seemingly unending piles of money.

It is to this cause to defeat the oil giants at their ruthless en-devour to fill their greedy pockets, that there is a extra delight.The Solar Impulse is causing Americans to second guess the oil liars. The Solar Impulse crew are more than the equivalent of the Wright Brothers. They are solar technology with a message. They are not just powering up a transistor radio with solar power. They are lifting two tons into the sky and flying crossed the USA, but with first solar flight around the world in their sights. They are doing this with not one drop of black crude. So with each city they land in their journey is more than hope for another generation, it is a serious blow to the effort to misinform the American public. Innovation can sometimes more than difficult technical task, but require the courage and perseverance to over come the adversaries with a different agenda. Hats off to the crew of the Solar Impulse.  
    Flow the trip on the map with this link:Fly Big Solar Bird, Fly!