Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crowdfunding Can Make Your Innovation Come to Life!

One of the highest hurdle you may have is funding your idea. Thanks to the Internet and other organizations your innovation could be a reality. Banks may not want to take the full risk or may not find your ideas as profitable as you know they will be. Crowd funding is rapidly becoming the answer you are looking for. Details for Crowdfunding

Places for Crowdfunding.

Finding money for a business:
How to find Angel investors - WSJ

These are just some of the links to getting your innovative ideas moving. For me I found the idea that selling a idea to many people over the net is just the outside the Wall Street box that could just work. Good luck!

Friday, June 14, 2013

How Do They Fry My Fast Food Perfect Every Time?

Fast Fry by MTI seems to lead the industry in this technology.
Innovation in commercial food preparation continues because the fast food margins are thin. They strive  to save time, product waste, and provide perfect temperature for safety and taste. When I first worked in a kitchen for a club I belonged in, I found myself manning the old drop fryers that required very large vent hoods. A operator had a audible timer and had a eye on the oil temperature. It relied on the operator to master the fry with a reasonable chance for under frying or over frying. At the end of the night the operator smelled like a fry vat and you could even taste it in your mouth for a week. If the oil splattered on you you felt it or in one case a employee had to be brought to the hospital because of a burn.

Recently I was in a newer restaurant and was fascinated with the new auto fryers. Resembling a strange microwave they operated in a similar fashion. The machine monitored time and temperature. A person drops the food to be fried through the front door. The totally contained unit is vent less and with no smell or noise pollution. The operator punches in the time for the material to fry and the chicken strips,  fish or fries appear on the heating tray waiting to be served. This innovation is safe, with a perfect product. The machine easily pays for itself because it enables a kitchen to be run with one less employee. The food quality and taste is maintained. I'm surprised to see so many restaurants and bars still using the old firers. Read more about MTI firers and other products they make at:

Australian Solar Bus Keeps Rolling After 5 Years

"Tindo" which is Aborigineze  for "Sun" is the name for this transportation innovation. The bus has been carrying tourists through Australia's 5th largest city, Adelaide. Each night the maintenance team recharges the sodium-nickel batteries using the power generated by the solar panels mounted on the bus station. The bus can travel 125 miles before a recharge is needed. It also uses the same kind or brake electric generation system used on cars like a Toyota Prius. You apply the brakes and it generates electricity. This helps is extent its travel time. No pollution, no carbon foot print, no fuel bills. If every large city in the USA had a bus like this, think of the environmental impact and reduction in noise pollution. Read more at:

More Proof Solar Works With Oceanic Cruise On Planet Solar

This Swiss boat "Planet Solar" is sailing across the Atlantic ocean to draw attention to its unique ability to travel using only solar power. The 15.9 million dollar craft sails with the quietness of a sail boat. Its 5000 square foot of solar panels pushes the huge catamaran with two huge electric motors that turn two six and a half foot propellers. The next trip starts in Florida, travels to Canada then across the Atlantic to Europe. The challenge is to chart and watch the weather  for sunshine. Its batteries have power storage for travel without sunshine, but they have limitations. The 8 person crew will travel without fossil fuel and leave no carbon footprint. There are a lot of boats out there that wish they had zero fuel bills at the docks. For more information : Solar Navigator Website
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