Sunday, December 14, 2014

Smart Hydrogels Save Lives In War Times

Wounds require moisture levels of different levels to enhance cellular healing, depending on the type of wounds a person may have. Hydrogels are not new to the medical field. There is written evidence of the use of hydrogels used as far back as 1894. Hydrogels are made from many different materials. Evidence shows that honey can be used in some cases to act as a natural hydrogel. Click on: Honey as a healing hydrogel. It  has shown in medical studies that it contains antimicrobial agents with the ability to promote wound healing.

These hydrogels are used in the bandages, wound dressings, or applied directly to the wound areas depending on the type of wounds or burns. Over the years many companies have used different ointments that have been applied to human or animal wounds to accelerate healing. Read on the use of hydrogels: All you need to know about hydrogels.

Taking hydrogels to a new level. Smart hydrogels is a new term used for taking the hydrogels and mixing in the new nano tech and genetic advancements to enhance healing to even a new level. Basically its using the honey idea, a hydrogel with healing advantages for cellular construction and healing. In particular, recent advances in the so-called smart hydrogels have made it possible to design highly sophisticated formulations, self-regulated drug delivery systems. Read about the evolution of hydrogels: Hydrogel avancements

Carried by special forces, hydrogel is a must to save a life, but I've been told when applied, "it burns like hell."
Smart hydrogels are being engineered into a nano scaffold material with the ability to contain genetically engineered material to super charge cellar healing. Along with time release pain and other medications it can be made inject-able. These advancements are welcomed in the war zones. They have also been attributed to our ability to save many lives in war. Excitement is building in these great advancements. The FDA has recently approved a version which the military medics call liquid bandages. These advancements will cut back on civilian wound healing times. Cut down on medical costs and employee down time.
Click on this link to see hydrogels used: Actually Using Hydrogels To Heal

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Copenhagen Wheel Verging Smart Power with Smart Phones to Get Smart Fun

MIT worked to create hybrid technology that works well with bicycles.
Many cities in the USA are working to make cities more bike and walker friendly. Imagine using the power made by traveling down hill to help you glide up the next hill. The technology is here.

Simply replace the rear wheel on your bike with this wheel and biking goes from chore to explore. Fire up your smart phone and communicate with the wheel to respond the way you want it to. You can have one of these clever inventions through the company's website. Click here to find more information:

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Verging Ideas Works in Sports, "Foot Golf"

Finding ways to increase profitability by improving efficiencies of resource utilization is a common target of most businesses. Golf courses have expenses in land and maintenance. By utilizing the golf course for more than one sport is a great thing for diverse interests and the bottom line. The American FootGolf League introduced the sport of FootGolf in North America in 2011. The brand new sport has grown to 36 states. Footgolf combines Soccer and Golf. Using the same golf course, yet not the golf greens, the sport gives soccer enthusiasts another way to enjoy their sport in another dimension.

Find out more about the game at: FOOTGOLF League Information

Unlike Frisbee golf that requires a different course to play on and different equipment, Footgolf can be played on the same course with golf. Customers don't have to invest on much more than a soccer ball and their cleats. 
"Going golfing?" Don't forget the Soccer Ball!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014 World Cup Shows Exoskeletons Are Getting Better!

The world Cup 2014 Highlights Exoskeleton advancements on opening kick off.
The Actual KICK OFF 2014
On an earlier blog I reported on the ideas for the exoskeletons to help the Military by giving an able body person extra strength for carrying super cargo. I suggested that in a Spy-Kids movie they used a similar idea for wheel chair bound persons. By putting a plastic suit on similar to the new Iron man movies, they can walk again. I think it is amazing how fast technology is moving with ideas. I have submitted earlier 2012 web postings.

Walking again is important to longer life.
  There is research in the UK showing great promise: 2012 report of progress of Exoskeleton

2012 Video explains the progress that can change the world for many.

Rhino Motors Works With Government To Support Invention

The original RYNO is changing for production.
A one wheeled electric bike is making noise in the world of Portland Oregon transportation. The invention that looks like something from a Star Wars Movie, is making local elected officials look at how they can aid the electric device become an even more effective mode of transportation for their constitutes. They know this is the future.

The Ryno Bike has a commendable but limited battery time. But by using it with public transportation it extends the length of travel. By adding racks to the Portland Oregons MAX transportation vehicles it extends the length of travel time but helps eliminate road and infrastructure congestion.

Order a RYNO for your transportation: RYNO MOTORS
Check out the Science Friday show highlighting RYNO Motors invention: Click here for SF Coverage.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

"D" Shirts - Smart Tech Shirts Technology Is Here

Imagine wearing a shirt that has sensors that send information to your cell phone by using an APP. A company in France has done just this. Cityzen has started rolling out commercials for their new sports wear with this technology. Read about this company: Company Focus

This technology is not new. Astro Skin made by a Canadian company, has been producing something very similar to the new Cityzen "D" shirts. These Astro skins were used by astronauts and explorers that needed their health monitored by the support teams to help increase the likeliness of the mission completion. This new technology makes it accessible to the everyday person and or personal doctors. Link to the Astro skin info: Astronauts Life Lines!

Under Armour has partnered with Zephyr Technology on a similar smart shirt project, a data company that designs performance technology for the U.S. Special Forces and used by some top athletes.This race for smart clothing is heating up.

As the Baby Boomer generation ages and healthcare costs are expected to rise, many companies are looking at ways to help in addressing the expanding needs and stretched resources of the healthcare providing industry. These shirts are being marketed and advertised in the physical fitness world first. I am guessing that the company is targeting the younger health minded young business people that may have more money to spend on pricey tech start up costs. I do see this expanding rapidly into the healthcare industry.

What they do:
  • Connect to your cell phone to make data easily readable through an APP.
  • Uses the data from both the "D" shirts data and the phones GPS data.
  • Uses the Smart fabric as a data link to a small battery powered transmitter to link to the grid or smart phone.
  • The many sensors built in the suit that provide information about:
    • Body heat
    • Respiration rate
    • Heart rate
    • Motion through location via GPS
    • Additional sensors they are working on that can be added soon are:
      • blood oxygen
      • tidal volume (the amount of air flowing in and out of the lungs when breathing normally)
      • perhaps eventually blood glucose levels
  • There is talk that the batteries in the future will be recharged during the washing of the material, by using the motion of the washing machine to make electricity to charge the battery.
More sites researching this innovation: Giz mag
More techy revelations: Bio Tech Sensor Expanations

Friday, April 25, 2014

Innovation In Growing: Using Ground Covers To Get Results In Agriculture

Cover crop radishes store valuable nitrogen help build the soil.
Innovation on how we grow plants improve production, decrease production costs and help save our environment. Sustainability efforts in agriculture have been focusing on finding ways to help the soil live up to the demand of production, farming expects. Simply adding man made fertilizers and herbicides can inflict some undesirable affects on the environment as well as being extremely expensive. In recent years in agriculture, orchards and in residential environments more friendly innovative practices are proving effective options to the man made chemicals.

The farmers effort to get more nitrogen into the soil for their crops are planting a fall crop of several different nitrogen producing plants either plow into or allow to rot into the soil for enhanced affects to the soil for the spring. Plants planted are: Cover crop radishes, Cover crop turnips, Austrian winter peas, together with wheat or alfalfa - cover mixtures. This helps build up the soil and build the nitrogen for the following crop year. Corn and Soybeans the cash crop giants of modern day farming suck up a great amount of nitrogen from the soil. Read more: Cover crops a benefit for farmers. Click here.

Adding red clover around the trees builds soil for the trees, but also provide homes for helpful mites!
The cherry orchards effort, however similar to the farmers efforts are finding not only are they finding nitrogen and soil buildup, but if the use a clover it provides a home for helpful mites that can provide an option to the orchard owner to cut back on herbicides used to get rid of pests detrimental to healthy fruit. They have to be careful not to use varieties that wont steal too much water and cause smaller cherries. Moisture availability will have to be considered. Unlike annual plants used by farmers the orchards are perennials and the cover is grown along side the producing tree. Read more at: Red clover helps red cherries in a study. Click here.

Residential effort is to include similar steps of the farmer, however they used different plants for ornamental reasons and insect controls. Read more at: City slickers find benefits too! Click here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tribo- Electric Popularity – A Future Energy Source?

Army helicopter blades generate static electricity in sandy conditions. Can we harness static electricity for good?

Static electricity has always been around but its harness ability has hampered its popularity in the past. Suppose a watch is equipped with a Tribo-electro device built in it, uses the motion of your swing arm to recharge your batteries. Can we do that? “Tribo” is from a Greek word meaning, “to rub.” Simple devices are using different metal materials to rub against a static producing surface.  As the motion back and forth or up and down forces them to create static electricity which is captured in the conductive wiring to charge batteries or power the devices. Still another generator uses two unlike materials the rub against themselves as motion causes them to collapse on each other. Scientists are looking at harnessing the motion of the waves, automobiles on roads, bikes, shoes, wind, on and on to finally harness motion and generate needed electricity. Air ports and subways power up off of the enormous foot traffic. Highways power homes along its path from the constant motion of autos zooming by. The ideas are endless and the potential lights the imagination. It is said that it will start out with small components and get larger as the technology gets better.

Another thought I had while researching this article, is this the way our bodies generate the electronic pulses that power the nerves from the brain? We don’t house generators as we know it in our bodies. However our bodies require and use motion. Are we getting closer still to the knowledge that will verge ourselves with machines? Does the mere motion of the blood through our veins generate an electrical charge?  
2012 article but good: Click here!
2011 Curiosity starts the ball rolling: Click here too!
Static electricity holds bacteria on nurse’s apron: Static electricity holds bacteria, could it hold disinfectants also? Click Here!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Genetic Chips Help Farmers Raise Better Fish

Nature has its own way of perfecting the species to build living organisms, stronger, bigger, larger and smarter. Presented by insurmountable odds of survival, and forcing only the strongest, smartest and sometimes luckiest to survive to reproduce, builds the genetic lines naturally.

Farming salmon presents the fish with lack of natural selective opposition. Farmers need to raise the best, biggest with disease tolerant fish they can, in the shortest time possible. Livestock farmers have already resorted to gene chips to help them find the cattle with the best characteristics to breed to get desirable food products. 

UK Salmon farmers are now entering that arena. UK Scientists have developed a chip the can determine genetic dominance by using just a piece of the back fin. Application of the DNA material to the chip can show the farmer which fish to mate to get the desirable characteristics. Genetic technology can surpass natures test of time and opposition to build the best. Read more at: Fish and chips have a whole new meaning! Click for more information!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Learning Innovation for 2014

Expanding your horizons is a recurring challenge in the innovative mind. The constant accumulation of ideas, excite and create even more innovations, to verge or come to light in the corners of the gray matter of our minds. Each person has a different journey in life that may add a missing piece to the completion of a innovation for the future. This is a reason that conventions and conferences attract people from around the world. If your area of the world don't have a conference or convention, start one.

Some conventions have happened already. But use their websites to get ideas to start one in your area.

January 2014 Washington DC - Washington, DC kicked it off here, click and see. 
March 2-5th – Anaheim, California - Doesn't have to be huge but effective, click here.

Attending conventions or conferences in 2014, might be a way your community can improve its future or your company can learn innovations to transform and benefit your company’s bottom line.

Brussels in March 2014 - Europe Innovation Convention Link: Looks to be one of the best in 2014 Innovation Destinations, Click here!