Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fish Friendly, High Efficient Hydro Generators

      Earlier made hydro generators went from a 90% to a 40% fish fatality rate. This still drove concern about the wisdom of Hydro power. Recently cities like Boulder, Colorado and Little Rock, Arkansas have been upgrading their hydro generator systems. What is behind the rethink of hydro generation? Rising fossil fuels and global warming concerns are pushing us to reexamining older paradigms. New hydro generation systems are going to the new innovative screw shaped design that boasts of only a 1% fish fatality rate. The new designed systems have seen 7% to 28% increases in electricity generation over older systems. Now we can retool the older hydro dams to increased efficiency with little impact to the fish populations.

 Read more at: Better Hydro Generators

Wisconsin Is Not Open For Some Business

     Innovation hits a brick wall from new Wisconsin Republican controlled government. "Last week, Invenergy announced it was suspending it's project in Brown County. Uncertainty surrounding state regulations is sending some developers packing." - WFRV Channel 5 Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is the second wind farm that was in the process of setting up, earlier last week the Brown county plan shut down. Invengergy had invested one million dollars on the attempt to get the Calumet county wind farm going. The new governor Scott Walker who's spin motto says, "Wisconsin is open for business," shut down the high speed rail project, as he entered office. He is sending a mixed message, moving into the future requires innovative business as well. It is common knowledge that Republicans have a love affair with the big oil companies. It is now a question of the extent of their patriotism. Do they love their country more? As a blogger,who's intent is to promote innovation, "I  am upset." Our country's future depends on innovation.

To read more:    WFRV TV Report Wind Farm Leaves

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How Are They Growing Those Big Strawberries ?

My grand parents used to have a strawberry farm near Baraboo, WI. I grew up picking strawberries. I am fascinated by the size and affordable cost of the strawberries in the grocery store. Are they safe? What possible innovations are used to make them so big. Even organic berries are huge. Facts show that California's share of U.S. strawberry production rose from less than 60 percent in the early 1970's to nearly 80 percent in the 1990's, while Florida's share increased from 4 percent to 10 percent. What are they doing different?

 We've long known that the variety of the strawberry makes a difference on the size of fruit is obtained. There is a great chart at:  Strawberry variety will determine the size

This does not explain the reason for the huge size of the Ever Bearing berry you see at the market place. I found there are a whole patch of innovations that have increased berry size and abundance in the market place. There are chemicals that are used called  Methal Bromide that will be banned in California soon, in Mexico not until 2015.Some alternative treatments are getting close to being as effective for either fungus control or weed prevention, but not both simultaneously. Organic gardeners regularly practice strict hygiene practices, and use sulfur, steam injectors and improvised plastic furnaces. In Florida, farmers are tricking the strawberries into bearing fruit in November by putting them in lighted trailers for two months. Strawberries make more profit in November when prices are higher. And of course getting the plant to drink the most water possible without getting  a fungus is the trick.

For more information check out this site:    Strawberry farming secrets

Why bigger berries? The bigger variety berries are chose because it is more profitable for farmers. There are less berries in a quart size container. People love buying the bigger berries.

An Electric Car For Under $1000?

High fuel prices are pushing people to become more innovative. People are buying old forklifts and removing the electric engine and bolting it to their transmissions to replace the gas guzzler engine. The rest of the forklift and the gas engine are sold to purchase a throttle control from a golf cart and batteries for the trunk. Different results are achieved by the condition of the fork lift motor and the number of batteries you can afford. People are purchasing small cars from the salvage yards to start their creations. The first car like this I remember reading about several years ago, only achieved 30-40 mph. Lately I have seen videos where the cars have achieved over 55 miles an hour. There is so much information out there on the internet, addressing what to buy, how to hook it up to how to reset the forklift engines to achieve better results. One thing for sure is that they are speeding passed the gas stations. Over 60 percent of your travel is within 25 miles of your home. This project answers that part of the equation, however if you are traveling long distances at highway speeds, this may not help you much. I can see the next generation of these cars installing very small gas engines to run the generators and solar panels to charge the batteries to achieve further distances.


Celebrities are converting their cars:  Toms car

Salt Water Engines , Could They Power Cities Of The Future?

     The inventor John Kanzius discovered (by accident) a possible new way of creating energy. By introducing radio waves through a vile of salt water, flames appear. The sodium chloride in the water weakens the bonds between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, which are broken free by radio waves. It's these gas molecules that are igniting, he explains, not the liquid itself. Tests show that the reaction disappears once the radio waves stop.
     Now it requires electricity to create the radio waves. How much electricity? How intense do the radio ways have to be? This technology brings another new way to think. Before the oil companies can influence the outcome, I hope we can get more minds to check this out and carry it further. This appears to have many applications for the future.

Read more at:  Funk finder 

Watch the video at:  Salt Water Engine You Tube Video

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Could Fungi Be Used To Gobble Up Radiation In Japan?

After the Chernobyl nuclear accident I read about scientists finding fungus that was flourishing in the radiated landscape of the melt down.
Read more at:   Melt Down

Melanized Cryptococcus was found by Albert Eienstien College of Medicine to eat radiation.   See more at :  Science Of Fungi

Could we make anything of the fungi? Research is under way.
More Radiation Eaters 

The actual fungi is a boring black color as described in the scientific description!

Innovative Tigers on the Move #4 Blog Post For NWTC Class

Class -Workplace Innovation, Instructor Todd Perrault

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, WI

Blog Post #4

Team Innovation Tigers Class Room Progress

     I find the tools I learned about in the class Team Building is helping add to the progress of the team. Before Team Building, I would just push through on a team agenda even if there was not full participation in the discussion, or brainstorming. It really makes a difference when you make that effort to get everyone’s thoughts. Using every head and thought multiplies the efforts. It is especially important to the brainstorm effort in the innovation process. We learned that creating an atmosphere of light heartedness and laughter is ideal at this time. I really liked the chemistry of this team. We have number of different personalities but fit well together. I think this should be an advantage in creation. With too many like factors, a project can remain stagnant. If we all come to our projects with a different prospective, the innovations come to life.  
     I am excited about the two projects we have decided to bring to life. Both can make a positive impact on our world. I feel time is our largest challenge. To bring them both to life will take some experimenting and team work. I think our most positive asset is our ability to work together. We are still working on the communication issues, but some changes require time and patience. Tomorrow is a better day, because of the positive efforts we made today. The end result will depend on our willingness to never give up.
     I love researching innovations that impact the world. My favorite this week is the high speed rail of China. To even conceive a train that travels at over 300 miles an hour is hard. Doubling that speed is mind boggling. I really love the video where you can actually ride the train and see what the landscape of China looks like at 300 miles an hour. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

High Speed Rail Travels at Speeds over 300 miles an Hour.

China boasts of the fastest train in the world . They are looking at doubling the speed with the new trains. Can they do it? They have plans to use vacuum to reduce friction. While Wisconsin's new governor cannot see the value of the speedy train, China sees this as an economical necessity to further advance their economy. I can only imagine Howard Hughes had people who could not see value in passenger airplanes. To ride one a person can see why China will leave the US in the dust with our slow and time wasting transporters nobody wants to ride. To see is to be convinced we must become flexible to the change of innovation, or be left behind in world competition. Below is an eye opening ride on the worlds fastest train. Notice how fast the telephone poles go by. It's also a great view of China's country side and cities. 

For more information on the future of China's trains visit:
Faster than a speeding bullet!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Yachts Take Innovation To Another Level

      Yachts have jumped to a new level of identity. These new designs look like they should be featured in the next James Bond movie. 
      Austrian yacht architecture studio has recently launches a new Innovative Yacht Design for the X-SYM 125. ( Seen above) This 38ft boat can hit speeds of 40 knots and sports great luxury.
       To the right is a latest lavishness 104-meter Exquire yacht for those who are looking for privacy and comfort. Well, the vital idea for the 104-meter Exquire yacht has been imitative from the standard of a protecting shell and its secluded core.             
      To read more about these new boats go to this link:  Innovative boats

Bifocals in Contact Lenses?

Bifocals in glasses for years were an indication to most that old age was taking its toll. As technology in eye wear progressed no line bifocal glasses were produced. Now they have progressed to bifocals in contact lenses. The extra magnification in an outer ring gives the wearer the same benefit for up close reading as the bifocal glasses. Because of the contact lens, your peripheral vision is restored that is lost wearing glasses.
For more information visit:
Bifocal contacts   

War Bots Give US Advantage

 Robots like this gave the US an advantage in the Iraqi war. By sending this warbot into the dangerous situations first, the military is able to save lives of US soldiers. Unmanned flying drones controlled remotely from thousands of miles away, can deliver surveillance and military strikes without pilot risk. The future of war will be more like a sophisticated high tech video game with serious implications.

  For more information visit:  
Robots in Iraq                                            

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bye, Bye Needles For Flue Vaccines

Recently the news media has been covering this innovative patch that will have vaccine on the tiny needles. This method would be self administered, and needle free. No needles and syringes, you would be cutting landfill materials. There would be a large savings to the health care industry. Even though this idea is not new, it seems to be getting closer to reality. Georgia university lab has been testing a similar model made from a plastic material for even a longer time. Either way pain from the shot and pain from the pocketbook appears to be getting more tolerable in the future. 
Read more about this medical innovation at:

No needles No pain No doctor!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Retooling For Innovation In A Career

Recently there was an article about the blogger of this sight, that highlights an association that is important to the success of dislocated workers in Northeast Wisconsin, "ACES". "Insight on Manufacturing" is a great magazine that covers a wide variety of topics that are important to the manufacturing sector of Wisconsin. For more information on the ACES association, click on the ACES logo at the right side of this blog. To read more of the "Insight on Manufacturing" article, go to:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Improved DNA Testing Will Change The Future

      The first type of DNA testing used for Genealogical research was the Mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrial is found in organelles found in the cell nucleus. Mitochondrial was discovered as having it's own DNA make up in 1963, though public testing didn't begin until the 1990s.
     Rapid, low-cost, perfect DNA sequencing will have a huge effect on humanity. Human DNA has not yet been completely decoded. The most that anyone has gotten is about 91% or 92%, and that has been with a huge numbers of errors. Trying to read our DNA is like trying to understand software code - with only 90% of the code riddled with errors. It’s very difficult in that case to understand and predict what that software code is going to do.   
     With DNA, you have to be able to tell which genes are turned on or off. Current DNA sequencing cannot do that. The next generation of DNA sequencing needs to be able to do this. If somebody invents this, then we can start to very precisely identify cures for diseases. It will be a really huge advancement for humanity.
We’ll be able to design treatments specifically for individual people and be able to tell beforehand if certain treatments would result in negative side effects for certain individuals.
     The race is on, and some companies are doing a better job of DNA sequencing. It could be said that the the companies that will win the race to the answers will be the companies that inspire and support innovation. With the innovative advancements, new discoveries such as genes that identify frailties to cancer and other diseases will happen. All these advancements are kept in close confinement from the competition. Rumors of advancements raise stock prices and give hope to many hanging onto life with genetic cures in their dreams.    
Read of a company in the process:
Read about the first DNA testing at:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Innovative Tigers on the Move

Workplace Innovations Class Journal

#3 Blog Post  3-22-2011

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, WI

     We have been presented a challenge that is viewed as normal in the workplace. The class was unable to meet because of an illness with the instructor. Then we had spring break occur. What was the problem? Before we left our last class we set up what we saw as a foolproof communication network. We had email, classroom discussion board, Wiki site, and Meebo chat all functioning. The problem was still communication.
     I’ve learned new communication tools need time for people to adjust to them. There are different levels of comprehension and comfort to new technology. Also, can it be too much too soon, or just too much? The other problem I find is if it is too easy to put off the discussion it doesn’t get done. It requires a new kind of discipline to follow through, something I have to work on. It requires a special spot in the time management plan, and not just, “I’ll fit it in.” It’s too easy to forget if your other jobs are not centered on the computer. If I can maybe find a way to make it mobile through the text realm it may help me to multi-task with it.
     Learning how to work with all these technologies are important in the workplace of tomorrow. Along with new technologies come new problems. How do we work with them? How do we manage them? One thing for sure is that if we become the masters of these technologies, we become the workplace ninjas to move companies to profitability.
     I am finding challenges are not just creating or presenting creative suggestions and ideas. With innovation and ideas comes the mountain of change that you have to climb. Understanding what paths you take in the innovation process are half the battle. Identifying problems early appear to be key in success on the climb. It is early in the class but I can already see the advantage to walk the walk once you have been given the map.
     The Innovative Tigers are working on a “Verge” project from start to finish. The brainstorming process is a challenge, I’m finding, through the new medias of communication we are trying to use. Like I have said before, I’m learning to use the innovative tools to make this innovation work. With patience and perseverance we will move forward.
     I hope you continue to enjoy the many innovations I have found and displayed on my blog. Life depends on innovations to move forward. Just knowing what others are trying to achieve can only serve to inspire.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just A Minute, I Have To Charge Up My Glasses!

 Imagine adjusting the focus to magnify your view, then to go back again to your prescription. Once only achieved by Superman in the comic strips, is now a reality. Shown here sitting on its charging station. When worn the glasses electrically change the lenses to adjust your view.  Check them out at:
For years mechanics have used lighting on their glasses to see in dark places. Led lighting has made it into prescription glasses. You can read in the dark at the push of a button. Check them out at:         
and at:     

Friday, March 18, 2011

Self Righting Boats Are A Great Innovation For The Coast Guard

Imagine a boat that refuses to stay upside down. That is just what the Coast Guard is requiring of their new craft. Pictured above is the 44 ft boats, contracted to be manufactured with the Marinette Marine company. These aluminum boats are a great addition to the homeland security fleet. Below is a smaller version of the Coast Guard fleet. These boats are a far cry from the World War II PT boats!

Read more at:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Google Is Building Driverless Cars?

This is an unusual twist of Google innovation. Builders of highways would like to utilize the highway better in big cities. By fitting more cars on the highway they can keep from building more expensive highways. Of course because of breaking distance, safety is a major concern. Computers and software can make this happen.

Robotic Lawn Mowers Are Coming On Fast!

As early as 2 years ago there was only a hand full of robotic lawnmowers out there. The selection is growing fast.They have them big enough to mow big lawns, that monitor the amount of rain and weather to determine how much it mows the lawn. As in any technological innovation the first ones are usually expensive. The price is already coming down. The one I am highlighting here is the new solar version. This is for a smaller lawn, but uses no fuel. I like the racy look. Read more about this mover at:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Deisel/Electric Hybrid Semi Trucks Coming To A Truck Stop Near You

We all are aware of the amazing hybrid gasoline/electric personal passenger cars. But imagine looking into the lane next to you and seeing this semi cruise by. This could be very soon. With diesel fuel rising faster than gasoline, trucking companies will be pushing manufacturers to push this envelope. Electric motors on semi trucks? Many do not realize but the monster trucks of the mining industry have been using electric motors for years. With electric motors on each wheel, braking will be used to generate electricity. Trucks of today are on their way to complete computer controlled operations of the vehicle. This shows you where the computer will take you. For this and other very innovative designs like Honda's hover craft please follow this link:

Redesigning The Hindenberg Airships Could be Future Travel

The Airships of the 1930's are under redesign and actually are the future of air travel again. The US military will be using vehicles like these to carry pay loads and hover over war regions to supply valuable radar and enemy maneuvering observation technologies high level platforms. These new designed airships are redesigned with new technologies for safety. The one pictured above will actually be a passenger transportation airship. "Oh the humanity!"  For more information please check out this link:

 The historical tragedy in 1937 that ended the airships of the 1930's.

USA Loves Wisconsin Cranberries

Wisconsin supplies 60 percent of the United States cranberries. To keep the up with competition from other cranberry suppliers, growers have went high tech. They have invested in the packaging areas with scanners and vacuums. Innovation takes many shapes. See the full story at:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Electric Cars for Under $10,000 In USA

This is hard to believe, buy the car, rent the battery and beat the oil companies expensive gas prices. For less than $10,000 you can drive this 2 seat electric car off the lot. With Americans averaging 60 percent of their  traveling within 25 miles of their home, it can be a great in town car. I wonder if it has a heater?
Read more at:

Could This Technology Be Used In Water Rescue?

I am currently involved with the Coast Guard Auxiliary. In water rescue, time is important. What if we could hook a Personal Flotation Device to this unit to get it to a victim in the water? In the "verge" projects in our innovation class, we take two existing technologies to make a new project or use. I'm thinking that there are possibilities for this here.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dean Kamen's Ibot Wheel Chair Helps Handicapped.

In my days wheel chairs were just that, a chair with wheels. Thanks to Dean Kamen the inventor of the Segway ,the heart stents , and many other creations, wheel chairs can do many things. The Ibot climbs stairs, goes down stairs, travels at high speeds, stands up so your at eye level to a standing people, and can travel in mud and sandy beaches. To look at the picture it looks unstable, but on You Tube videos people can push agaist it with full force and not tip it over. Check this link to watch it in motion:

University Of Wisconsin In Madison, Home of Energy Source To Replace Nuclear

I had the privileged to tour a physics lab in the UW, Madison, WI. To see first hand the Plasma generator that could replace the Nuclear energy sources we use today was exciting. Using seawater to make hydrogen heat to create a plasma energy source is not new. This project is 10 years in the making and has recently received a grant from the energy department to bring it closer to production. "Making a difference in the world," is a tall mountain to climb but the U.W. Madison is again making Wisconsin proud.
Read more at:


Friday, March 11, 2011

Fastest Street Legal Electric Car

When engineers say it can't be done, it pushes some to prove them wrong! Gasoline companies will not like people to see this. At prices of gasoline cruising in on $4 a gallon, these stories are raising eyebrows. I think that they will have to install a speaker with motor sounds for the race car fans like myself  who enjoy the rumble of the engine. After watching this video I would not put much hope for the internal combustion engine to continue to be king.

Concerns Of Nuclear Power Plant Radiation In Japan Disaster?

One of the lessons of innovation is always have a plan B. In the recent Japan earthquake there is a concern for nuclear power plant radiation among all the other concerns of the horrific event. The 8.9 quake caused a huge fireball explosion at a nuclear power plant. This is the worst Japanese earthquake in recorded history. It would be difficult to plan for an event of this magnitude, but I think that nuclear power plant site construction will be reevaluated  world wide. This could reinvigorate the safety concerns of the nuclear power.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, "Innovation Of Futures."

Innovation in the Workplace
NWTC, Green Bay, WI
The Verge Project Journal
Blog Post #2

(For my visitors outside my Innovation class, you will find my progress journals posted here for your entertainment.)

     I find the blogging and Wiki innovation projects fascinating. I have always wanted to do these things but never had set aside time to learn them or examine the possibilities. Innovation class is such a great opportunity to examine different methods to promote innovation in the work place. Like anything new, learning it is important: however practicing it requires making it a habit. I find myself wanting to revert back to the way I am comfortable with. It’s fitting the pieces together in practice that really helps in this class and in the future.
     One of the pieces to the puzzle is learning where to fit the tools. In our “Verge” project, a leader has to visualize what to do in the various points in the Cycle of innovation.  As the appointed leader in the team, I find competition from all that is going on in the class at the same time, a challenge to the team’s ability to move forward, as fast as I would like to see. I have to remind myself to allow creativity to happen all the time!
     One of the puzzle pieces I enjoy the most is the, innovation awareness research. I am a Science Friday junkie and enjoy exploring the new products and ideas that will make our world a better place to be a part of. My extensive experience of fixing things in the world of mechanics, fuels my desire to fix the world around me.  
     In conclusion, in today’s workplace, the puzzle cannot be assembled in one place, all the time. Gone are the days of extensive traveling and phone calls. Moving forward means learning the new electronic technologies of chat rooms, online messaging, emailing and Skype like video technologies. Wading through all these environments, to accomplish the total puzzle assembly, takes patience and perseverance to succeed. Today, class was canceled and the test of the platform we set up for our Verge project will be put to it’s test.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Google Is High On The List Of Desired Employers.

Google is in a business that requires innovation to remain competitive in their market. I thought this is a very interesting video that shows a culture designed to promote innovation in the workplace. I think it is also an effort to find quality people and keep them. It does show that they are willing to lead into the future. To stretch the ideas of what a workplace should be. Can investing in attitude be a worthy investment?

Geo Thermal Subdivisions?

The cities of the future can save millions of dollars in their designs. When designing a new subdivision, each subdivision would have a park. Under the park the GEO thermos field would be buried. Each home  would hook up their heating system to the shared GEO field. The homes would only have to worry about heating their homes from 55 degrees to a comfortable temp. This could save the Midwest millions of dollars used each year for heating their homes. There are subdivisions trying this technology in Arizona.

The Chevy Volt, Are We There Yet?

The GM corporation has been getting us excited for a while now. Are we there yet? With gas moving to $4 a gallon it can't come soon enough! IT HAS ARRIVED! 


Solar Panels Are Going Back On The White House!

There is an excitement in the solar industry today. President Jimmy Carter had solar panels installed on the White House. One month into his term Ronald Reagan had the solar panels removed at the request of the oil industry. The Obama administration recently announced the solar technology is going to be installed back on the White House, to show that it is a technology that home owners can afford and use today. Whether it's solar photo which uses chemical reactions to make electricity or the solar thermal used in heating water or air, combined with geo-thermal technologies and wind generation, getting off the grid looks very possible. 
Read the article at:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Life Like Robots Are Real?

At a recent visit to Japan, our president Barrack Obama was greeted by one of Japan's favorite celebrities an extremely life like robot. Japan has been making giant steps in robot technologies. The economic challenge of the their country is to step up the robotics to make up for lack of immigration and low wage workers. There is a need for humans to accept the machines, great effort has been made to make them life like.

More about the Japanese HRP-4C robot can be found at:

Are The Next Inovations To Address Global Warming Issues?

The evidence is overwhelming that something is happening to our globe. The argument seems to be around the reasons for the climate change. Climate is changing and weather related events are causing extreme damage around the world. Humanity has to adapt to the changes. Insurance companies are seeing jumps in weather related claims around the world. Populations of people are seeing starvation, flooding, and drought related problems increasing. How will we address these issues? Because things are changing around us, we must change to survive. The challenge of innovation may be a cry of all who share this blue marble we call earth. To find more out about the Climate changes visit: