Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wisconsin Is Not Open For Some Business

     Innovation hits a brick wall from new Wisconsin Republican controlled government. "Last week, Invenergy announced it was suspending it's project in Brown County. Uncertainty surrounding state regulations is sending some developers packing." - WFRV Channel 5 Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is the second wind farm that was in the process of setting up, earlier last week the Brown county plan shut down. Invengergy had invested one million dollars on the attempt to get the Calumet county wind farm going. The new governor Scott Walker who's spin motto says, "Wisconsin is open for business," shut down the high speed rail project, as he entered office. He is sending a mixed message, moving into the future requires innovative business as well. It is common knowledge that Republicans have a love affair with the big oil companies. It is now a question of the extent of their patriotism. Do they love their country more? As a blogger,who's intent is to promote innovation, "I  am upset." Our country's future depends on innovation.

To read more:    WFRV TV Report Wind Farm Leaves

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