Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Electric Car For Under $1000?

High fuel prices are pushing people to become more innovative. People are buying old forklifts and removing the electric engine and bolting it to their transmissions to replace the gas guzzler engine. The rest of the forklift and the gas engine are sold to purchase a throttle control from a golf cart and batteries for the trunk. Different results are achieved by the condition of the fork lift motor and the number of batteries you can afford. People are purchasing small cars from the salvage yards to start their creations. The first car like this I remember reading about several years ago, only achieved 30-40 mph. Lately I have seen videos where the cars have achieved over 55 miles an hour. There is so much information out there on the internet, addressing what to buy, how to hook it up to how to reset the forklift engines to achieve better results. One thing for sure is that they are speeding passed the gas stations. Over 60 percent of your travel is within 25 miles of your home. This project answers that part of the equation, however if you are traveling long distances at highway speeds, this may not help you much. I can see the next generation of these cars installing very small gas engines to run the generators and solar panels to charge the batteries to achieve further distances.


Celebrities are converting their cars:  Toms car

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