Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Car Racing Is More Than A Sport, It's High Speed Innovation.

Many things are not always what they seem. Imagine forming a high intensified, high speed, high competition, high speed lab where people risk their lives to prove their right? There has to be some innovations formed when the stakes are high and the element of achievement is so high. I can only think NASA has as high an innovation element. A few years ago I read an article where the airplane industry was actually studying the high tech energy dispersed car cages found in the NASCAR vehicles. With verging that technology, combined with proper engine placement, they claimed there should never be an small plane crash accident with a fatality. Every year there are many cool innovations documented. Read about 10 such innovations at: Nascar Innovations

Just When You Think You've Figured It Out, Bang!

China has been investing into the high speed rail to race everyone to the fastest trains in the world. Being first is a two edged sword as China has found out. Reports have said that a bolt of lighting caused a signal problem and a high speed train plowed into a sitting train, killing 39. No matter how many times you have made checks and sure you are right, it seems there is always something that may fail. Europe, Japan and the U.S. will be watching closely to find out the details and repairs of this accident. This may do for high speed rail, what Dale Earnhardt's accidents did for NASCAR. From information from Dale's accidents that lead to his death,  NASCAR changed race safety procedures and equipment. This saved lives and has helped drivers walk away from horrific accidents. High speed rail is not dead, it will become safer for the rest of us. Read more at: High Speed Crash

Friday, July 22, 2011

Solar Calculators

Cut out the guess work when you are trying to figure out your future solar panels for your home. These tools for innovation not only figure what you are going to need for where you live, but what the estimated cost will be and the payback.The calculator is free and fun to use.
Check out this calculator: Enjoy the savings

If you have an I phone, I pod or I pad a student has made an APP that you can take with you. The mobile APP can be found at: Solar Apple

Monday, July 18, 2011

Stink Machines Make Money For Supermarkets.

Smell Machine for computer / video games.
         What started out as a cool machine that adds smells to video games has found a new homes. They are making small devices for automobiles that smell like vanilla. Others are for the cat litter box. Electronic machines that can make smells that can be easily identified found home in super markets. How many times did you drive b y a restaurant and found yourself suddenly yearning for a hamburger? Or someone pop popcorn and suddenly you have to have some? Supermarkets in Russia started to use these smell machines with great success. It was not long until the word spread to the supermarkets in New York. These supermarkets had seen substantial increases in profits directly related to smells. These machines are placed in certain areas in the store. They may have bacon smells in the meat department, or grapefruit smells in the fresh produce. They have even had fresh baked bread or some cooking spices in the same department. Used in combination with free sample tasting the customers cannot resist the natural hunger needs and urge to purchase the foods to supply sustenance to the aching stomach. Read more about the smell machines:  New York Post
Video games that smell for the armed forces: Video game smells (video)
     This is similar technology to the deices that are installed in smoke stacks at smelly factories. Some smoke stacks in Green Bay, WI, used to smell horrible from a packing company, now they smell like  cinnamon bread bakeries. At peak times the 60 ft smoke stack, electronically monitors and disperses chemicals in the stack to change the smoke smell.
Small Scent machines for cars and homes. This one is for a cat litter box.

Friday, July 8, 2011

"Green Baby Green!"

We found out this week, it is imperative that solar, wind, hydro and hydrogen technologies accelerate in popularity in the United States. People still have lingering bad memories of the  BP disaster in the Golf of Mexico and a horrible pipeline leak in the Great Lakes area. This week Americans watched in horror as a oil pipeline burst in the Yellowstone river exposing America's First National Park to the toxic waste of oil goo. This makes the political chants of "Drill Baby Drill," seem like a horrible idea. Innovation is not just a sound byte. Innovation is our best chance to save our planet and even the lives of generations to come. Maybe a party should start chanting "Green Baby Green"!

Can The Solar Panels Stand Up To Mother Natures Sand Storms?

This video shows amazing footage of a sandstorm engulfing Phoenix, Arizona this month. Arizona has been a showcase for solar power. It is the home of Solar One, the nation's largest solar panel manufacturing company.

Experts are saying that the dust from the storms like these are just a temporary incident that is often taken care of by rain storms that generally follow these dust storms. In researching this story, I found it interesting to note that there is a recommended maintenance for solar panels. Another interesting comment was that city water can leave a residue on the panels from the mineral deposits. Read the article I found most informative Huff Post.