Saturday, September 10, 2016

Vertical Farming, Fresh, Ripe on Vine Harvests for Local Restaurants Year Around

Farming takes a different direction....... UP! Recently I had the opportunity to visit the hydroponic gardens at the Chicago Airport. I had reported on this a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised it had grown and was still supplying veggies for the local restaurants. This year in Jackson Hole Wyoming, an even more commercial farm opened up. This farming structure moves the plants by conveyors to southern exposure. It uses different areas of the greenhouse building to fit demands of different plant varieties. Tomatoes go on top because they like heat. This farm supplies fresh products for the local restaurants year around.

Read more at their Website: Clip here go to the future of farming

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sources of Energy in Water Pipes?

Portland Oregon's green power commitment has forced them to be creative to reach their desired outcome. Made by Lucid energies the water main generator could prove to tap green energies for many cities. Cities have long used water towers to elevate the supply and demand by using gravity and volume. Why not use this movement to generate electricity? Watch the 2 posted videos and checkout my link to the Lucid Energy website

Key to the generator efficiency is in the blade design.