Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014 World Cup Shows Exoskeletons Are Getting Better!

The world Cup 2014 Highlights Exoskeleton advancements on opening kick off.
The Actual KICK OFF 2014
On an earlier blog I reported on the ideas for the exoskeletons to help the Military by giving an able body person extra strength for carrying super cargo. I suggested that in a Spy-Kids movie they used a similar idea for wheel chair bound persons. By putting a plastic suit on similar to the new Iron man movies, they can walk again. I think it is amazing how fast technology is moving with ideas. I have submitted earlier 2012 web postings.

Walking again is important to longer life.
  There is research in the UK showing great promise: 2012 report of progress of Exoskeleton

2012 Video explains the progress that can change the world for many.

Rhino Motors Works With Government To Support Invention

The original RYNO is changing for production.
A one wheeled electric bike is making noise in the world of Portland Oregon transportation. The invention that looks like something from a Star Wars Movie, is making local elected officials look at how they can aid the electric device become an even more effective mode of transportation for their constitutes. They know this is the future.

The Ryno Bike has a commendable but limited battery time. But by using it with public transportation it extends the length of travel. By adding racks to the Portland Oregons MAX transportation vehicles it extends the length of travel time but helps eliminate road and infrastructure congestion.

Order a RYNO for your transportation: RYNO MOTORS
Check out the Science Friday show highlighting RYNO Motors invention: Click here for SF Coverage.