Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Compressed Air Cars Hit The Euro Market, The Air Pods!

This is one of the most unusual high tech looking vehicles of its kind. To the right you see the cockpit, with no steering wheel. From the videos I've watched it appears to be the challenge to driving this new vehicle. The joy stick looks like a video game control, used in construction equipment. The fact that it uses compressed air gives it a rather unique sound as it travels the streets. This 3 wheel, three seater, is not meant for high way driving. I can see this as a all weather urban vehicle that could compete with the Segway transporters. Check out this link to watch a video from from the inventors: Here come the Air Pods!

Here is a short commercial of the invasion of the Air Pods: Air Pods can manage the weather.
I could not get onto the English version of the MDI website.  Their price tag of $10,000 must be driving the traffic to their website.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Making Hydrogen From Solar Voltaic, Cheap Fuel.

Future vehicles will use hydrogen for fuel. One challenge is how do we make the hydrogen fuel cheaply. NASA is very interested in hydrogen production because it is used for fueling vehicles for space travel. Make sure you watch this video: Hydrogen, a great way to store energy made from the sun!

Lately a company called Nanoptek has received a grant from NASA to come up  a process and machinery to produce cheap hydrogen fuel.
The company uses the method described in the video previously mentioned in this article, but used the element titania to make the process even more effective. It has been known since the seventies that titania can do this. However in the semiconductor field they have found if they alter an elements atomic structure it changes its electrical properties. They have found this process using titania can make the solar to hydrogen faster and more efficient. Hydrogen cars in the future will have cheaper fuel. Space travel will become more affordable  in the future as well. Hydrogen vehicles just became an affordable and green solution to higher gasoline prices.
Read the full article at this link: Cheap hydrogen fuel.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Humanities' Most Innovative Marvil, The International Space Station

Click on the link to:

Man has often looked at the Pyramids of Egypt or the great wall of China in wonderment of the achievement of man. Today we look into the heavens to see the next marvels of man. This Space Station may be the first step to saving his entire planet from the destruction of an asteroid. This could be the launching point at inhabiting other planets. It could be our chance to send life to a distant galaxy to keep human life in existence after the impending black hole swallows the milky way.

NASA has continued to push the envelope of technology. Earth on this planet continues to benefit from the ongoing pursuit of travel in space. From LED lights, to lasers, to medicines, to new engines and energy sources NASA continues to amaze. May we always find ways to make this continue for our future.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Solar Saturation Map Makes Case For The Smart Grid

     Where you live gives you a different sum of energy solutions to meet your needs. Does it mean that because Wisconsin has a lower solar rating than Arizona that we should not use solar in Wisconsin? The answer is no. It does mean that if you mission is to get off the grid, you will have to be more reliant on geothermal,wind, hydro and other energy sources to assist solar to make it happen. Energy management within your buildings is always the first place to start. The idea is to get your building requiring the least amount of electricity possible. Then determine the energy sources you can use to meet the needs you require. This is the individual goal of a tech savvy home owner. (U.S. Wind Power map at right)

     However the energy demands often fall on the shoulders of the legislators of our country. The majority of the country's citizens are either financially restricted or technically challenged to get to the point of individually energy independent. We have often known that the desert areas of our country could supply over 25 percent of the countries energy needs by solar production alone. Oregon's goal is to supply 25 percent of its energy needs by wave generation. Wind farms are quickly going up in different areas of the country. Cities are installing new high efficient, low fish impact, hydro-generators on rivers. The answer is to connect all these energy sources together to transport the energy to where it's needed.
 (U.S. Hydro power map on left)

     At a time when spending cuts are touted as a life saving exercise in our government, it can also mean a devastating blow to overcoming the oil companies grip on the throats of our country. Without investment to restructure the energy grid of our country, we are sentencing the longtime security and life of the United States to destruction and collapse.   Read the article and get a large view maps:Interesting energy facts.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scientists See Long Term Memories Formed For The First Time!

Neuroscientists were able to view with the new brain scan technology. During the long term memory process they watched protein built between brain cells. They also understand where short term memory happens and how. Read full article at: We Can See Memories Stored In The Brain.  Read article about short term memories: Cells ability to hold short term memory.

It is exciting to see that we are coming close to unwrap the mysteries of the mind. From this we know that a protein is formed that stores the memory. We don't understand how and why it happens but we do know it is a chemical process. Can you imagine what can happen when we figure this out? Understanding what turns it on and what actual happens, could accelerate mental capacities of humans far beyond what is possible today. Simple hormonal injections in combination with supplements could change long term memory abilities.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Flow Batteries In The Future Show Promise

A newly formed company, 24M Technologies is exploring a new style battery; its an electronic storage device for grid applications. Because it requires electrolyte storage it is unpractical for mobile use such as in cars (for now). However for storage of solar and wind generated electicity for home and business applications it shows great potential. For more information read: New battery technology for a greener world.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Russia Cuts Capitol Gains Taxes on Innovative Businesses.

Russia is attempting to raise venture capitol for their innovative companies. Russia like so many countries are attempting to invigorate there economies to compete in the world market place. While America is working to better relations with the Russian government, the Russian government, like us realize that the future, will depend on their euntrepenerism and ability to create new ideas. By eliminating capitol gain taxes on innovation company investment, they could see a boost in financial backing and forgien investors. Seen here are President of Russia and President of the United States working to establish a good working relationship. Former Russian President Putin is the Prime Minister in charge of the authorization of the capitol gains tax change. Read more at: Russian tax changes.

Cow Power

As we search for alternative fuel/ energy sources we are finding many ideas. It has been said by President Obama there is no one answer, but in our pursuit to find answers, the end result will be many sources of alternate energy. Coming from Wisconsin and growing up cleaning many cow pens, it is great to see that one source will come from the farming area that makes sense.

Farms are using the cow manure but in China are using chicken manure as well, to power their farms and neighboring factories or homes. Instead of applying the cow manure directly to the fields for fertilizer and dealing with run off contaminating the local ground water, they capture manure into large contained domed structures. The domed structures capture the methane gas that occurs with the fermentation of the materials. This is the same gas that is occurring during the break down of decaying matter that escapes unused in landfills. They then use the methane gas to power electrical generators. Though it is just catching on in the U.S., China and other European nations are  moving fast to implement this process in their farming activities. Though this addresses some of the alternative fuel  needs it does not address the green house gas situation. I can see that if certain methods are used to capture those gases that are harmful to the Ozone in the process, it can indeed be an attractive alternative. Read more at:China to use GE's technology to produce the largest energy producer from animal waste in the world.

Friday, May 20, 2011

National Boat Safety Week

This week starts National Boat Safety week. The Coast Guard Auxiliary will be having events at the Coast Guard centers to remind them to practice safe boating. Most deaths on the water can be prevented with wearing a Personal floatation devices. New innovations in inflatable PFDs make it a comfortable practice.

Insurance companies reduce boat insurance if you take time to do a boat safety class.

Coast Guard Auxiliary members will be working on  the boat ramps, inspecting boats and promoting safety by using safer equipment. Innovations are everywhere, the problem is people don't know or care to use them. It is time to stop losing lives foolishly, help us promote safe boating this week.

Here are some boat safety videos:
Handling the new inflatable personal floatation devices.
Know your weather before you boat.
Take a boat safety course!

Military's Smart Bullets Helps Eliminate Air Strikes

Soldiers call it the coolest weapon ever. It is like a super grenade launcher. Program where you want the explosion to happen and boom. Have a position causing you grief because they have a machine gun? No longer a problem. When you watch the video they also show you the robotic gun mounted on the hummers. So much for the hand guns of old to protect you from the government! Watch the video: Smart Bullets

AI Smart Goggles That Help You Remember

Ever wish you could remember where you left something? These goggles are still in the innovation process but are worthy to mention now. I think that it may take some time to get people to wear these goggles at home. However could you see employees wearing these glasses? Scientists could rewind their day to see what might have went wrong with an experiment. A mechanic could have the technology interfaced with a data base that could identify parts or component problems. Engineers could replay the project half a world away to understand problems that are developing in their product. Together with an ear piece and surgeons could be assisted by more experienced experts at the click of a mouse. As this innovation advances the applications are many!    Watch the video: AI Goggles in action

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Do Dinosaurs And Plasma TVs Have In Common?

Besides movies of Jurassic Park, dinosaurs are sharing other things with the plasma TV. Scientists have been using carbon dating to determine how old a bone or inanimate object may be. This process has been proven to be very accurate. During life carbon is consumed up until the time of death. C14 is the element that is measured to determine the  age of the object. The old way to test C14 levels, required damaging the bone or aged material by washes and cleaning. This gave the scientist a more accurate reading.

In 2010,at the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Anthropologists revealed a new method to carbon date objects with out disturbing the integrity of the object. The object is put in a special chamber with a plasma, an electrically charged gas similar to gases used in big-screen plasma television displays. The gas slowly and gently oxidizes the surface of the object to produce carbon dioxide for C-14 analysis without damaging the surface. This has been tested against the original method of carbon dating and it has shown to give the same results. My question is, how would anyone arrive at using the plasma to get that reaction, needed for this method? Read more at: The plasma method.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Weapons Are A Long Way From The One Shot Muskets!

     In a day when the US department of Justice reports a rise in gun crimes, in part because of the passing of conceal and carry laws by the majority of he states, a new twist in weapons may be taking shape. Not that there is a rash of shoot outs, it is because of the increase of gun owners and the potential for incidents increase because more people have guns. Theft,accidents and suicide are the majority of the gun crimes (Justice Dept. NY gun crime 2010 report).

     The Pentagon developed a beam weapon that can deter an adversary by causing a burning sensation on their skin.The innovation has taken a step forward with the development of a small, potentially hand-held, version. The weapon, which is claimed to cause no permanent harm, could also end up being used by police to control civilians.
     The idea of the weapon is to “create a heating sensation that repels individual adversaries”, according to the Joint Non- Lethal Weapons Diretorate in Quantico, Virginia, which develops less-lethal weapons for the US military and coastguard. In the race to get the biggest, coolest gun may not include bullets in the future. Read more at:  Darkgovernment.com

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Innovations Coming To NASA, Include Robots, Communities & Space Craft

The future of NASA will be depending on new space craft and robots sent ahead to destinations to build communities for human habitation, says Dan Lockney, a program specialist with NASA.
Computor World Article On NASA future

The space crafts of the future will have to travel farther into space than the space shuttle can go. I have read that some space craft may be deployed from the space station to save on the fuel needed to break the gravity of earth. Initial rockets will need only to carry robots and equipment. The concern of asteroid damage to the earth has been put on the top of NASA's list by the OBAMA administration (see earlier post). I guess if we have no Houston there is no need to travel elsewhere! The future of space travel will remain important to our live on this planet. 

Robots to build

Friday, May 13, 2011

High Speed Segways Transform Shape For Safety.

BPG Motors has created a vehicle that uses gyroscopes to balance it at slow speeds. A person can ride it like a Segway at slow speeds but as it speeds up the third wheel moves forward to give it more stability at highway speeds. The Uno III looks like something out of the transformers movies. Its small enough to fit in an elevator, yet safe enough to reach highway speeds. Do to be on the market in 2012 will be the in thing on the block and the office!  UNO III

Stealth Helicopters, Sight And Sound?

The Stealth helicopters are in the news because of the Bin Laden raid. CBS news coverage Are they that new? Listen to Science Friday show examining the Stealth Helicopter. Recently the news reported that it was great that the raid of the Navy seals, had extra helicopter space so that everyone could be taken back to Afghanistan. However, because of the helicopter that did crash, they had to leave Bin Laden's wives behind. They could have given us information on how Bin Laden survived undetected. They had enough room for the crew and the computer equipment confiscated to track and bring down the terrorists. Maybe if they can perfect the sound reduction devices on helicopters the rescue helicopters used to bring patients into high populations around hospitals would appreciate the quiet!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life In The Tiger Pride Will Live On

Class -Workplace Innovation, Instructor Todd Perrault
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, WI
Blog Post #10, “Life in the Tiger Pride”
Team Innovation Tigers Class Room Progress

     As the Innovation class winds to an end the blogging and innovation will continue. The Innovative Tigers project will continue to see if the profitability or value can be realized. We are presently in the bidding process and next will be the push to market the idea. The great part of this is the team does not need to disperse after the class is over. With the communication tools and the Wiki format it can continue to produce as much as it so desires. It will require us to become a little more disciplined to communicate regularly on the communication tools, because we will no longer be meeting in scheduled class meetings. I am excited to think that this is not the end but the beginning of an enterprise.
     The final presentations are completing for the innovation classes these next two weeks. I can hardly believe that the course can be ending. The class of innovation should be taught to all business major students with a follow up class of entrepreneurism. I understand this is not the case in many colleges. These steps towards entrepreneurism, process and product innovations are crucial to building a stronger capitalistic system in the United States to compete in the world marketplace.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Soccer Training Steps Up Innovation With Mannequins

Soccer has been a game that in most cases just needs a ball and a field to play. It has been said that is why it has been a game that crosses all boundaries and is shared around the world. Like any game where competition is involved, players seek ways to improve their skills. In recent times coaches have used markers and flags to force technique and ball handling skills. Recently a company has taken tools for soccer training to mannequins. Not like their cousins they find in a department store, but providing obstructions that resemble that of soccer players. This provides another dimension to soccer training. Find out more at: Soccer walls
Watch the video at: Soccer wall company video

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

High Tech Innovations Allow For Front Seat Observations In Terror Control

From remote controlled droid aircraft, controlled from Utah air bases, in the United States, to robots, to helmet cams that allow commanders to watch from the front lines, innovation is changing  the war on terror. Recently on the raid on the Bin Laden compound the President watched in the safety of Washington, DC as the Navy Seals performed the mission.  How they work  
Here is actual raw footage of a raid on a Iraqi Home through a helmet cam. It's amazing the clarity!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Innovation From A Tiger's View

Class -Workplace Innovation, Instructor Todd Perrault
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, WI
Blog Post #9 When the going gets tough, never give up!
Team Innovation Tigers Class Room Progress

     Innovation is probably the hardest to manage, but if you make it work it can be the most rewarding. There are always challenges in every project. A project goes through a process to complete. There is a beginning and an end. There must be an end. An end comes when all parts of the process have been completed and the end is profitable. Sometimes the end may not be what we had envisioned at first. If all heads were involved in the process, it will be unlikely that the project will end as previously thought. It should be better. I have always thought to have a plan B when working on projects. After this class, it is evident that having other options waiting to be implemented is important to the end result. Like a maze, if one path doesn’t take you there, go back and find another path that will. If you've exhausted plan B, quick make up a plan C.When you cross the finish line, your result will be dependent on your ability to adjust. With any major effort there is a euphoric sense of accomplishment so celebrate the journey and effort you put forth. If the victory is memorable you are more than likely to get the team to repeat it. 
     Our class was canceled in week fourteen. Two of us met anyway and came up with a plan C to get the project completed. The idea was to set up a way for us to keep moving with our progress. It was important to see that forward movement was maintained. I think progress was made and am confident we will reach the end with maybe a different result, but never the less,with value to all involved.

Innovation That Can Destroy - Heroin

 Recently an innovation adversely impacted the life of a very dear person in my life. Drugs can sneak into the lives of anyone, from the extremely influential to the very young. It is something that crosses the lines of class and lifestyle. Younger people can have this sense of living forever, where experimentation is excepted more readily. Heroin a drug from the 70s is making a comeback, with devastating consequences to our young people. In the 70s the way of ingestion of the drug was injection and the identity of the user could often found by the needle holes in their arms. Today the users ingest like cocaine through the nose, or smoking it. Identification of what to look for is important to loved ones and friends. Please take some time to look at the information to see what the horrible drug looks like and what to look for. It could save a life. it could be the first step to stop this terrible drug destroying lives and communities. PLEASE CHECK THIS SITE: Stop Heroin
Evidence of the problem in WI: Problem In Wisconsin