Thursday, May 26, 2011

Solar Saturation Map Makes Case For The Smart Grid

     Where you live gives you a different sum of energy solutions to meet your needs. Does it mean that because Wisconsin has a lower solar rating than Arizona that we should not use solar in Wisconsin? The answer is no. It does mean that if you mission is to get off the grid, you will have to be more reliant on geothermal,wind, hydro and other energy sources to assist solar to make it happen. Energy management within your buildings is always the first place to start. The idea is to get your building requiring the least amount of electricity possible. Then determine the energy sources you can use to meet the needs you require. This is the individual goal of a tech savvy home owner. (U.S. Wind Power map at right)

     However the energy demands often fall on the shoulders of the legislators of our country. The majority of the country's citizens are either financially restricted or technically challenged to get to the point of individually energy independent. We have often known that the desert areas of our country could supply over 25 percent of the countries energy needs by solar production alone. Oregon's goal is to supply 25 percent of its energy needs by wave generation. Wind farms are quickly going up in different areas of the country. Cities are installing new high efficient, low fish impact, hydro-generators on rivers. The answer is to connect all these energy sources together to transport the energy to where it's needed.
 (U.S. Hydro power map on left)

     At a time when spending cuts are touted as a life saving exercise in our government, it can also mean a devastating blow to overcoming the oil companies grip on the throats of our country. Without investment to restructure the energy grid of our country, we are sentencing the longtime security and life of the United States to destruction and collapse.   Read the article and get a large view maps:Interesting energy facts.

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