Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just When You Think You've Figured It Out, Bang!

China has been investing into the high speed rail to race everyone to the fastest trains in the world. Being first is a two edged sword as China has found out. Reports have said that a bolt of lighting caused a signal problem and a high speed train plowed into a sitting train, killing 39. No matter how many times you have made checks and sure you are right, it seems there is always something that may fail. Europe, Japan and the U.S. will be watching closely to find out the details and repairs of this accident. This may do for high speed rail, what Dale Earnhardt's accidents did for NASCAR. From information from Dale's accidents that lead to his death,  NASCAR changed race safety procedures and equipment. This saved lives and has helped drivers walk away from horrific accidents. High speed rail is not dead, it will become safer for the rest of us. Read more at: High Speed Crash

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