Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Learning Innovation for 2014

Expanding your horizons is a recurring challenge in the innovative mind. The constant accumulation of ideas, excite and create even more innovations, to verge or come to light in the corners of the gray matter of our minds. Each person has a different journey in life that may add a missing piece to the completion of a innovation for the future. This is a reason that conventions and conferences attract people from around the world. If your area of the world don't have a conference or convention, start one.

Some conventions have happened already. But use their websites to get ideas to start one in your area.

January 2014 Washington DC - Washington, DC kicked it off here, click and see. 
March 2-5th – Anaheim, California - Doesn't have to be huge but effective, click here.

Attending conventions or conferences in 2014, might be a way your community can improve its future or your company can learn innovations to transform and benefit your company’s bottom line.

Brussels in March 2014 - Europe Innovation Convention Link: Looks to be one of the best in 2014 Innovation Destinations, Click here!

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