Monday, August 12, 2013

70 Percent Of Agricultural Land Raises Livestock. Can We Do It Better?

When corn was 7 to 8 dollars a bushel, you could hear farmers say, "Why would I raise $7 corn to feed it to cows to make $2 milk?" Well Dutch Scientists are saying, Why can't we take one cell from a animal and multiply it into 40 billion cells." They did and they ate a hamburger they made by doing just that. This proves that it can be done and that there are some improvements to be made, but it can be done. Next they will do the same with milk. Will the next farms look like huge laboratories run by robots to make our produce and animal products? Checkout the innovation to change farming: Expensive Bugers

Watch the video: How did they do that?

Yummy Burgers from scratch!

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