Wednesday, June 1, 2011

3D From Movies To TV's. How Does It work?

Magicians have often found ways for optical illusions to trick the brain. 3D has always been about tricking the brain by having one eye seeing something different from the other eye. The old movies used different colors on each eye and using images on the screen that used the colors in the images so that each eye saw something different. The brain puts it together causing the brain to see 3D. (Old technology is pictured at the right.) Today they have taken 3D to a different level. Instead of colors to trick the brain they use digital technology, resulting in a clearer and more realistic 3D. TV's use two signals sent to the screen. The special glasses only allow the left eye to see the frames meant for the left eye. the right lens only allows it to see the frames meant for the right eye. The eye wear manufacturers are perfecting the coding process in the lens. Oakley boasts they have the best movie glasses ever made. The more you pay the better the experience. Dreamworks president Jeffrey Katzenberg has said in earlier interviews, that because the technology is getting so good, most new movies will be seen in the 3D format. That is the reason you see TV manufacturers rushing to get the 3D TVs on the store shelves.

Oakley makes the ultimate 3D glasses, clink on this link to read more: Ultimate 3D
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Innovation Tigers are 3 dimensional!

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