Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LRAD Is Becoming Effect Weapon

In 2005, a cruise ship was armed with LRADs, when attacked by pirates toting machine guns and other heavy hitting artillery. The pirates engaged the LRADs and turned away. The LRADs are  used in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with similar results. Homeland security is equipped and police swat teams are using them to control crowds.

LRAD is an acronym for Long Range Acoustic Device. This weapon has been known to bring people to their knees in pain from the sound. Some persons have become very sick from the vocal extreme. There are several videos of SWAT teams using it on our our college students to break up riots. Even though it sounds horrible, it does beat the alternative of gun fire.
  Read more about this weapon at this link:How The LRAD works

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  1. I have used this scentence "along with amendments within my facebook page and wonder if LRAD's can be programmed in such a way.

    amendments are marked with 3 astrix symbols (***)

    Why not use LRAD's to control riots if broken out again, even though LRAD's can cause pernament hearing damage "amongst other symptoms", police could dilute the decibels to a lower level so that the only symptoms caused are very uncomfertable for the opposition and would not hurt them ***the closer the opposition came to the LRAD would result in more uncomfertable sysmptoms to unfold***.
    even concentrate the sweep to a 2mtr radius so that society will not be hurt in the process.

    goverment would probabily say that this type of weapon would alienate society wich i understand and wich probaily leads to why riots occur.


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