Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Flexible Conductors Are Going To Concerts?

On both sides of the stage, these flexible video like screens can be viewed.
     How we progress in the future will depend some on how we handle electrical energy. The human body transfers electrical signals through a cellular goo we call nerves with spectacular efficiencies not yet understood. As the man travels from copper and metallic compounds encapsulated in a insulation of some kind to glass materials that handle light pulses and electronic transfers, we are starting to see even more technologies changing the world around us. As computers and video screens become flexible, the first step is metallic fibers woven into plastic fibers. Concerts are the first to use this technology in their stage configurations. At a recent Kenny Chesney concert in Green Bay, WI. parts of the stage contained flexible video like displays. This allows the stage to be disassembled easier, transported and reassembled at the next location with higher reliability. Big screen TVs are nice, but are fragile with excessive travel. Could you imagine a laptop you roll up!
     Well brace your selves, companies are looking into the next steps of using polymers ( plastics) to transport electricity. They already use much of this in the LED technology. The one company is looking into actually using printing machines, silk screen machines, and even inkjets to adhere polymer conductive materials to surfaces to transfer electricity to components to do our work. Polymers used for conductors will change the way computer circuit boards are made. We are pushing our electronic devices to be more portable, flexible, durable and weather proof. This could usher in a new way of thinking .
Read more at: New tech in plastics.

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