Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bionic Suits Make News

Since the entomological study of ants, we have understood nature has used external skeletons to support creatures. Ants can carry many times their weight with somewhat ease. It has been a longtime dream of scientists to create super suits that a person can just put on and have super powers. Bionic suits have been in the movies like Iron Man and Spy kids. In the Spy Kids movie their handicapped grandfather leaves his wheel chair and puts on a suit and has better than normal abilities to run and lift. The military have been examining the possibility to have these exo-skeleton smart suits give them an advantage.

This month we have witnessed the start of  what might mean the end of wheel chairs for many people. Here is the link for the marathon participant that shows what man can dream or imagine can be reality. This is truly an innovation that opens a world of possibilities!  Bionic Suits Work!

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