Saturday, November 3, 2012

Could The Dark Knight Be The Next Star Wars?

The Star Wars movies were given credit for pushing the imaginations of  engineers to what lasers could do. It also pushed the brains to imagine of space travel and what other worlds could be like. The Black Knight has several creative ideas of what today's military could look like. Today's special forces have some primitive looking equipment compared to what Hollywood has put together.  

It was said in several other reports, that the producers of the Dark Knight played with toys in their garages to get the right look for their movie. The Bat Tumbler was designed by putting a  Hummer and a Lamborghini together. The Bat and the Bat Pod are definitely creative. I am very sure the the military will have vehicles in the future that resemble these clever machines that will give military troops an advantage in battles.

Dark Knight Bat - Flying machine (above) and the Tumbler and the Bat Pod are pictured at the right. The Movie is worth seeing just to see the special effects.

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