Sunday, April 17, 2011

Innnovation And The Smart Grid

How do we combine all the new energy technologies to the demands of society? This is the challenge of governments and energy suppliers around the world. Last year General Electric tried to reach outside their companies labs and ran a 200million dollar contest for smart grid ideas. This year in 2011 Siemens a European company is conducting a high stakes contest, but hurry the final submissions will be May 31st.
European Contest for the Smart Grid  In 2010 the Obama administration announced that the official Office of Science and Technology would release the official plan for the United States smart grid. Everyone in the energy fields are still waiting. Waiting for the American Plan.

Meanwhile EURELECTRIC, the association of the electricity industry in Europe, has released a ten-year, ten-point road map for smart grid deployment across the EU in April this year.  European 10 point plan.
The smart grid will not happen overnight. But is evident the at a time when unemployment is high, this is an area  where government directions and plans will help America's future and get it working again. This is a way to innovate new jobs in America.

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