Tuesday, April 26, 2011

European Hydrogen Effort Moves Ahead With American Cars?

The Denmark Hydrogen Link Project began in October 2005 with the goal of connecting hydrogen highway infrastructure in Northern Germany, Norway and Sweden. Currently, however, the Denmark Hydrogen Link has more ambitious goals for itself in putting up stations and rolling out cars.

By 2015, Dednmark expects to have 85-percent of the governmental cars in Copenhagen converted to hydrogen or electric vehicles. By 2025, Copenhagen is expected to have a 100-percent conversion rate.

American car makers are scrambling to get their feet in the door. To the left, the Texas made Scorpion (Check out: Scorpion ) and above to the right of this article is a Ford hydrogen vehicle.  In May 11th, 2009 Norway opened their hydrogen high way highlighting the Mazda Hydrogen vehicles.( Hydrogen power Mazdas ) 

As the fuel prices move to the $5 range, I thought it is important to point out while the U.S. government was telling us that hydrogen was 10 years off, we are watching the other countries move ahead of the United States. While United States struggles to break free of the recession, oil prices shackle any progress. In 2009 Germany was the first to come out of the recession followed by France, Norway, Sweden and China. Could all these countries be using innovations of the future to move forward? The part that bothers me is that we are making cars to help them! The only Hydrogen highway in the U.S. is found in California. Can we pass laws to force our government to buy hydrogen and electric cars? That will force the infrastructure for the new technologies to advance.
Read more at: Europes plan to go hydrogen.

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