Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saying Good Bye When You Die APP?

A few years ago I lost a close friend that was a professor at UWGB in Wisconsin. He was a computer technology guy, that taught me a lot about websites and software programs. I can only imagine if this APP was around back than he would have said good bye when he lost his battle with cancer using this APP. It is FACEBOOK's only video APP to date. It allows you to say good bye to all your friends with the OK from 3 of your per-established friends. Check it out at the link: Say Good Bye!

This APP made made me think what other new technologies are catching on with death. Electronic methods of video wills are not legal everywhere. As of 2010, approximately 11 states accepted nuncupative, or oral, wills under certain circumstances: Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Vermont. The state of Washington also accepts them, but only from members of the United States military.So because of the laws of the land, I don't think they could use this sort of APP as a will. Right now you still need to use paper for that process. I am still looking for cemetery headstones to have a goodbye message spoke by the person who died. Here's to wishing you many more years before you have to worry about this! 

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