Thursday, January 24, 2013

Building Your Own Solar Panel Is Easier Than You Think!

Imagine using recycled materials to generate heat, to heat up a building made 80% of recycled materials. A friend near Chilton, Wisconsin showed me his newest recycled invention. With outdoor temperatures at -10 degrees F below zero, he he has able to raise indoor temperatures to 80 degrees F With the inlet for the panel bringing in out door temperature. The 8 ft x 8ft. panel has a outlet temperature at 160 degree temperature. The glass is used thermal glass panels from a old store that was tore down. My friend told me that he would not use newer panels that cut down on solar radiation. The air flows through pvc tubing with holes drilled to force air to flow through the maize of soup cans he collected from the schools in his area. He said that he had some trouble with paint fumes until the paint was thoroughly dry. The box was made from 10 x 2 pine boards. He is planning to add another panel while keeping the small electric fan he uses to pull the warm air through the panels on the outlet inside the home. One revision he is looking to add on the second panel is dark rocks added to the top soup cans to see if he can keep the unit heating for a while after dusk. This proves that with little money you can save a lot of energy costs. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, and witnessed its performance.

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