Saturday, February 18, 2017

Farming Without Sweat and Things You Don't Want in Your Food ... FARMBOT

I had the privilege to participate in Green Bay, WI's first Victory Garden effort a few years ago. It is an effort to get the next generations interested in the art of growing your own food in your backyard or a community garden. There are so many reasons why this is a good thing. These devices are going to help this effort and many around the globe. While I feel that mentors will be a good help in the implementation of these great machines, Farmbot is reaching out to you to make it work. So many times we went to deliver the square foot gardening and had to point out that the garden needed the location changed for the simple need of sun light. Seems simple, yet it may not be for the person totally unfamiliar with the requirements for growing things. I was a farm boy. You study what makes plants grow while you get your hands dirty.

I am very excited about this innovation. It can make a huge difference in our future. The Farm Bot Blog helps you get excited about the progress of the overall program its at Farm Bot Blog - Click Here

Their website is very exciting to the nerd guy and maybe a little intimidating to the average gardener. However it is very worth every minute of your time. Visit : Farmbot Genesis

It is a very great start to gardening automation with your help it will be improved and perfected.

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