Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tesla Inovation Shines Into Solar Energy Production

On an earlier post I had mentioned that a electric car manufacturer other than Tesla was doing research to see what they could possibly do with their cars batteries after their cars life had expired but not the batteries life. They were looking at using them to store power in the home solar market. Tesla recently announced in a Steve Jobs like product announcement, they are producing special batteries for solar systems used in homes and business.  
Elon Musk does a great job of presenting the problem and the describing the solution and how important it is to all of us on earth. The Tesla Power Wall will be an important element to make solar power a more affordable and exceptionable solution to where we are now. This will not only affect advanced countries but make it so much easier for 3rd world to power up as well. The Tesla Power Pack is the larger answer to business and city demands. April 30th, 2015 will be mark in the history of mankind of a very big change in how energy will be produced for the future.

Recent advancements in solar panel construction in chemical and materials has made solar panels more affordable. Now combining the Tesla battery and panel advancements, the solar energy systems will get payback earlier. Electric cars , homes and business will charge off the sun, thus making a smaller carbon foot print.  This will be important for this and generations to come. Tesla Energy Company Website

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