Sunday, July 7, 2013

Germany Sets A New Solar Record 7-7-2013

Germany produced a output of 22.68 Giga watts in solar power to achieve a daily peak output a record in the month of July 2013. That means it is creating nearly half of its electrical needs in the summer. Germany has a public Photovoltaics tool for people to monitor the solar output of their country. Go to: Germany Solar output tool. Germany is a world leader in solar production, however other Euro -countries are closing in on them. How did they do this amazing feat? With the country's geographical position on the globe, how can they be that successful? Check out the full details at this link: 10 ways to get Germany's success!

Brief Summary of the Ten Ways To Make Solar Work
  1. Government support with tax and financial incentives
  2. Develop a mature solar market to lower prices
  3. Streamline the permitting process
  4. Subsidized Tariffs on solar products to help common man
  5. Educate the public now that they're interested
  6. Design the grid to handle it
  7. Level the playing field for power bidding process
  8. Don't allow geo location to be a reason not to
  9. Never give up, Coal & Oil companies will always be trouble
  10. Polls show the masses prefer solar, use that! 
If you are not located in an area of sunny days you can import it. Part of Germany's effort to help Greece during their economic down turn are plans to develop about 20,000 hectares of solar power parks for exporting renewable energy to Germany. With the Greek economy poised to contract for a fourth consecutive year, officials say green energy could create 60,000 jobs at a time of record unemployment in Greece. Turning Despair to DE- Light
This Solar field in Spain is very similar to the new solar fields being installed in California, USA backed by Google 


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