Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shoe Generators Produce Energy To Charge Your Life!

There are some researchers developing shoes for the future that have generators producing electricity to charge batteries, power personal audio, smart devices and even head lights. The devices  use methods that are using the forces of a person's weight to move a gel within a material. Scientifically they explain it like this, "The generator works by using a fluid (or gel) coupling to transfer the compression of the heel to stretching of the elastomer films, thus generating electricity.This device can produce an electrical output of 0.8 joules (J) per step, equivalent to a power of 1 Watt." The conversion of compression forces occurring in the soles of the shoes to electricity does not affect the comfort of the wearer or cause extra effort. You might say it is free energy. Could we possibly use this technology in tires of the future, or other areas of our life where compression forces exist. Could we even use the technology under floors in busy airports to help power lights or power escalators? Read of the shoe power at: Wieght compression power!
Nanopower: Energized walking has a different meaning!

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