Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swimming With The Dolphins Comes To Life!

I heard of these vehicles several years ago. The technology was something that we could only imagine and dream about. A company called Seabreacher is marketing these high end toys as the future of high speed water travel. Above the water it travels at 55 miles an hour. Below the water 22 miles an hour. It has the ability to leap up to 16 feet above the water. Some of the craft can hold the pilot and 1 rider. From the one video, it appears to be a rather rough ride in the second seat. I can see why the military was looking at these for special forces. Could these units be used as rescue craft? There is nothing man cannot create if he puts his resources towards it with determination and vision. The company can foresee this machine becoming a sport competition devise. I can see some safety issues if they become affordable to the masses. But imagine if they incorporated GPS technology with radar and high tech gyro sensors to make it a safer and with calculated control. 

Watch more: Wild ride
The Company Website: Seabreacher

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