Monday, May 2, 2011

Innovation That Can Destroy - Heroin

 Recently an innovation adversely impacted the life of a very dear person in my life. Drugs can sneak into the lives of anyone, from the extremely influential to the very young. It is something that crosses the lines of class and lifestyle. Younger people can have this sense of living forever, where experimentation is excepted more readily. Heroin a drug from the 70s is making a comeback, with devastating consequences to our young people. In the 70s the way of ingestion of the drug was injection and the identity of the user could often found by the needle holes in their arms. Today the users ingest like cocaine through the nose, or smoking it. Identification of what to look for is important to loved ones and friends. Please take some time to look at the information to see what the horrible drug looks like and what to look for. It could save a life. it could be the first step to stop this terrible drug destroying lives and communities. PLEASE CHECK THIS SITE: Stop Heroin
Evidence of the problem in WI: Problem In Wisconsin

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