Monday, May 16, 2011

New Innovations Coming To NASA, Include Robots, Communities & Space Craft

The future of NASA will be depending on new space craft and robots sent ahead to destinations to build communities for human habitation, says Dan Lockney, a program specialist with NASA.
Computor World Article On NASA future

The space crafts of the future will have to travel farther into space than the space shuttle can go. I have read that some space craft may be deployed from the space station to save on the fuel needed to break the gravity of earth. Initial rockets will need only to carry robots and equipment. The concern of asteroid damage to the earth has been put on the top of NASA's list by the OBAMA administration (see earlier post). I guess if we have no Houston there is no need to travel elsewhere! The future of space travel will remain important to our live on this planet. 

Robots to build

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