Monday, May 30, 2011

Making Hydrogen From Solar Voltaic, Cheap Fuel.

Future vehicles will use hydrogen for fuel. One challenge is how do we make the hydrogen fuel cheaply. NASA is very interested in hydrogen production because it is used for fueling vehicles for space travel. Make sure you watch this video: Hydrogen, a great way to store energy made from the sun!

Lately a company called Nanoptek has received a grant from NASA to come up  a process and machinery to produce cheap hydrogen fuel.
The company uses the method described in the video previously mentioned in this article, but used the element titania to make the process even more effective. It has been known since the seventies that titania can do this. However in the semiconductor field they have found if they alter an elements atomic structure it changes its electrical properties. They have found this process using titania can make the solar to hydrogen faster and more efficient. Hydrogen cars in the future will have cheaper fuel. Space travel will become more affordable  in the future as well. Hydrogen vehicles just became an affordable and green solution to higher gasoline prices.
Read the full article at this link: Cheap hydrogen fuel.

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