Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Compressed Air Cars Hit The Euro Market, The Air Pods!

This is one of the most unusual high tech looking vehicles of its kind. To the right you see the cockpit, with no steering wheel. From the videos I've watched it appears to be the challenge to driving this new vehicle. The joy stick looks like a video game control, used in construction equipment. The fact that it uses compressed air gives it a rather unique sound as it travels the streets. This 3 wheel, three seater, is not meant for high way driving. I can see this as a all weather urban vehicle that could compete with the Segway transporters. Check out this link to watch a video from from the inventors: Here come the Air Pods!

Here is a short commercial of the invasion of the Air Pods: Air Pods can manage the weather.
I could not get onto the English version of the MDI website.  Their price tag of $10,000 must be driving the traffic to their website.


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