Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life In The Tiger Pride Will Live On

Class -Workplace Innovation, Instructor Todd Perrault
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, WI
Blog Post #10, “Life in the Tiger Pride”
Team Innovation Tigers Class Room Progress

     As the Innovation class winds to an end the blogging and innovation will continue. The Innovative Tigers project will continue to see if the profitability or value can be realized. We are presently in the bidding process and next will be the push to market the idea. The great part of this is the team does not need to disperse after the class is over. With the communication tools and the Wiki format it can continue to produce as much as it so desires. It will require us to become a little more disciplined to communicate regularly on the communication tools, because we will no longer be meeting in scheduled class meetings. I am excited to think that this is not the end but the beginning of an enterprise.
     The final presentations are completing for the innovation classes these next two weeks. I can hardly believe that the course can be ending. The class of innovation should be taught to all business major students with a follow up class of entrepreneurism. I understand this is not the case in many colleges. These steps towards entrepreneurism, process and product innovations are crucial to building a stronger capitalistic system in the United States to compete in the world marketplace.

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