Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scientists See Long Term Memories Formed For The First Time!

Neuroscientists were able to view with the new brain scan technology. During the long term memory process they watched protein built between brain cells. They also understand where short term memory happens and how. Read full article at: We Can See Memories Stored In The Brain.  Read article about short term memories: Cells ability to hold short term memory.

It is exciting to see that we are coming close to unwrap the mysteries of the mind. From this we know that a protein is formed that stores the memory. We don't understand how and why it happens but we do know it is a chemical process. Can you imagine what can happen when we figure this out? Understanding what turns it on and what actual happens, could accelerate mental capacities of humans far beyond what is possible today. Simple hormonal injections in combination with supplements could change long term memory abilities.

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