Monday, May 2, 2011

Innovation From A Tiger's View

Class -Workplace Innovation, Instructor Todd Perrault
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, WI
Blog Post #9 When the going gets tough, never give up!
Team Innovation Tigers Class Room Progress

     Innovation is probably the hardest to manage, but if you make it work it can be the most rewarding. There are always challenges in every project. A project goes through a process to complete. There is a beginning and an end. There must be an end. An end comes when all parts of the process have been completed and the end is profitable. Sometimes the end may not be what we had envisioned at first. If all heads were involved in the process, it will be unlikely that the project will end as previously thought. It should be better. I have always thought to have a plan B when working on projects. After this class, it is evident that having other options waiting to be implemented is important to the end result. Like a maze, if one path doesn’t take you there, go back and find another path that will. If you've exhausted plan B, quick make up a plan C.When you cross the finish line, your result will be dependent on your ability to adjust. With any major effort there is a euphoric sense of accomplishment so celebrate the journey and effort you put forth. If the victory is memorable you are more than likely to get the team to repeat it. 
     Our class was canceled in week fourteen. Two of us met anyway and came up with a plan C to get the project completed. The idea was to set up a way for us to keep moving with our progress. It was important to see that forward movement was maintained. I think progress was made and am confident we will reach the end with maybe a different result, but never the less,with value to all involved.

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