Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Watermelon Chips?

Food scientists are always looking to create new food fantasies for the consumers wanting to tickle their taste buds. Water and hot oil is not a good safety combination, so how do you take a fruit that is mostly water and fry it up? Scientists have found by compressing watermelon slices with starch the water is replaced by the starch. They flavors stay in the starch and allows the frying process. Watch the video: Watermelon chips
Why would we want to fry up fruit? We may look at our local grocery stores for the answer. At our local grocery store in Green Bay, like any grocery store, there is a spoilage concern with all produce. After a truck load of strawberries go on sale, a week later the same grocery store has a sale on strawberry pies! The Bakery finds ways to turn what would be a monetary loss to a profit. Watermelon is a little bit challenging to make into pies. This is another alternative that should push shelf life and profitability to a new positive. This innovation has many applications and possibilities. Check out the New Scientist website for this and other innovative ideas:

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