Friday, April 22, 2011

Saving Money On Fuel Costs Can Be Simple, "Planning"

As fuel prices began to rise, companies like UPS realized saving on fuel costs, mean higher profits. Their one innovative method was planning trips with only left turns. Crossing traffic to the right, meant extra time for the engine to run, causing the trips to run longer and using more fuel.

Much of our driving takes place close to our homes. When was the last time you analyzed your routes? I've heard of  some people planning trips, but I would guess millions of dollars are wasted every year by poor trip planning. Add in the waste from running your vehicle with low tire pressures, and vehicle maintenance issues, Americans waste enough fuel every year, OPEC laughs about it. Could we be smarter and more patriotic Americans by doing our parts to save us from buying more foreign crude? Yes we can!
Check out what our government would like us to do:

 Using Mapquest is a place to start . Recently they added a feature that allows you to play around with the routes to your destination. By grabbing the circle icon on the route you can move the route to where ever you would like and the route will change. You could design a route with all left turns in some cases. You can check the route mileage to see if you are shorter going one way vs the other. They also have a feature to find cheap gas. Design your routes on Fridays by a cheap gas station. Say construction is on your way to work, become creative and try several different routes to work that can shorten or add great value. By taking a few minutes each month could save you hundreds of dollars in a year. Multiply this by millions of Americans and we can stick our tongues out at OPEC! Another site for cheap gas: Mapquest fuel prices

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