Monday, April 11, 2011

Innovative Tigers See Progress Blog Post #6

Workplace Innovation, Instructor Todd Perrault

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, WI

Blog Post #6
Team Innovation Tigers Class Room Progress

I’m finding this blog experience very interesting. I have been monitoring  my traffic and discover that I am pushing myself to come up with innovations that are even more interesting than before. Each time I think I have one that is better, the evidence shows that what I may think it is great, others may not. This points out the importance of knowing your customer’s needs and interests. I have done thorough research on Henry Ford as an innovative leader for my class project. Mr. Ford knew if he could make the transportation devise affordable and easy to use, everyone would buy one.

      In last week’s innovation class, many innovative inventions and/or improvements were very interesting. One student had software for businesses to find employees. This was very interesting to me, because I am in the process of developing a blog for employers to find members of the second largest club at NWTC. I will investigate this more to see if the two ideas can verge to make an even more powerful tool to make a difference to change the world we live in.

      In our study of Google for the Innovative Tigers, I came to the realization that old structured business of the past could do well to understand that investing in the employees focus on innovation has long term benefits. The payoff to Google is that they will not only have to reply on ads for search engines as a source of profit. The innovation process is actually setting them up for a strong future of diversity of investments and profitability.

      The Innovative Tigers Progress Report - The verge team’s progress is moving along. I see that we are not only having fun but seem to be making positive movement to our end goal. I had the opportunity to talk to a label company’s representative to see if we can talk to their engineer after the project is completed. She said she would try to help us make that happen. That makes what we are doing as a class project even more exciting if we know it may be a reality someday.

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