Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Salt Water Engines , Could They Power Cities Of The Future?

     The inventor John Kanzius discovered (by accident) a possible new way of creating energy. By introducing radio waves through a vile of salt water, flames appear. The sodium chloride in the water weakens the bonds between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, which are broken free by radio waves. It's these gas molecules that are igniting, he explains, not the liquid itself. Tests show that the reaction disappears once the radio waves stop.
     Now it requires electricity to create the radio waves. How much electricity? How intense do the radio ways have to be? This technology brings another new way to think. Before the oil companies can influence the outcome, I hope we can get more minds to check this out and carry it further. This appears to have many applications for the future.

Read more at:  Funk finder 

Watch the video at:  Salt Water Engine You Tube Video

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