Monday, March 21, 2011

Innovative Tigers on the Move

Workplace Innovations Class Journal

#3 Blog Post  3-22-2011

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, WI

     We have been presented a challenge that is viewed as normal in the workplace. The class was unable to meet because of an illness with the instructor. Then we had spring break occur. What was the problem? Before we left our last class we set up what we saw as a foolproof communication network. We had email, classroom discussion board, Wiki site, and Meebo chat all functioning. The problem was still communication.
     I’ve learned new communication tools need time for people to adjust to them. There are different levels of comprehension and comfort to new technology. Also, can it be too much too soon, or just too much? The other problem I find is if it is too easy to put off the discussion it doesn’t get done. It requires a new kind of discipline to follow through, something I have to work on. It requires a special spot in the time management plan, and not just, “I’ll fit it in.” It’s too easy to forget if your other jobs are not centered on the computer. If I can maybe find a way to make it mobile through the text realm it may help me to multi-task with it.
     Learning how to work with all these technologies are important in the workplace of tomorrow. Along with new technologies come new problems. How do we work with them? How do we manage them? One thing for sure is that if we become the masters of these technologies, we become the workplace ninjas to move companies to profitability.
     I am finding challenges are not just creating or presenting creative suggestions and ideas. With innovation and ideas comes the mountain of change that you have to climb. Understanding what paths you take in the innovation process are half the battle. Identifying problems early appear to be key in success on the climb. It is early in the class but I can already see the advantage to walk the walk once you have been given the map.
     The Innovative Tigers are working on a “Verge” project from start to finish. The brainstorming process is a challenge, I’m finding, through the new medias of communication we are trying to use. Like I have said before, I’m learning to use the innovative tools to make this innovation work. With patience and perseverance we will move forward.
     I hope you continue to enjoy the many innovations I have found and displayed on my blog. Life depends on innovations to move forward. Just knowing what others are trying to achieve can only serve to inspire.

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