Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Innovative Tigers on the Move #4 Blog Post For NWTC Class

Class -Workplace Innovation, Instructor Todd Perrault

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, WI

Blog Post #4

Team Innovation Tigers Class Room Progress

     I find the tools I learned about in the class Team Building is helping add to the progress of the team. Before Team Building, I would just push through on a team agenda even if there was not full participation in the discussion, or brainstorming. It really makes a difference when you make that effort to get everyone’s thoughts. Using every head and thought multiplies the efforts. It is especially important to the brainstorm effort in the innovation process. We learned that creating an atmosphere of light heartedness and laughter is ideal at this time. I really liked the chemistry of this team. We have number of different personalities but fit well together. I think this should be an advantage in creation. With too many like factors, a project can remain stagnant. If we all come to our projects with a different prospective, the innovations come to life.  
     I am excited about the two projects we have decided to bring to life. Both can make a positive impact on our world. I feel time is our largest challenge. To bring them both to life will take some experimenting and team work. I think our most positive asset is our ability to work together. We are still working on the communication issues, but some changes require time and patience. Tomorrow is a better day, because of the positive efforts we made today. The end result will depend on our willingness to never give up.
     I love researching innovations that impact the world. My favorite this week is the high speed rail of China. To even conceive a train that travels at over 300 miles an hour is hard. Doubling that speed is mind boggling. I really love the video where you can actually ride the train and see what the landscape of China looks like at 300 miles an hour. 

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