Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, "Innovation Of Futures."

Innovation in the Workplace
NWTC, Green Bay, WI
The Verge Project Journal
Blog Post #2

(For my visitors outside my Innovation class, you will find my progress journals posted here for your entertainment.)

     I find the blogging and Wiki innovation projects fascinating. I have always wanted to do these things but never had set aside time to learn them or examine the possibilities. Innovation class is such a great opportunity to examine different methods to promote innovation in the work place. Like anything new, learning it is important: however practicing it requires making it a habit. I find myself wanting to revert back to the way I am comfortable with. It’s fitting the pieces together in practice that really helps in this class and in the future.
     One of the pieces to the puzzle is learning where to fit the tools. In our “Verge” project, a leader has to visualize what to do in the various points in the Cycle of innovation.  As the appointed leader in the team, I find competition from all that is going on in the class at the same time, a challenge to the team’s ability to move forward, as fast as I would like to see. I have to remind myself to allow creativity to happen all the time!
     One of the puzzle pieces I enjoy the most is the, innovation awareness research. I am a Science Friday junkie and enjoy exploring the new products and ideas that will make our world a better place to be a part of. My extensive experience of fixing things in the world of mechanics, fuels my desire to fix the world around me.  
     In conclusion, in today’s workplace, the puzzle cannot be assembled in one place, all the time. Gone are the days of extensive traveling and phone calls. Moving forward means learning the new electronic technologies of chat rooms, online messaging, emailing and Skype like video technologies. Wading through all these environments, to accomplish the total puzzle assembly, takes patience and perseverance to succeed. Today, class was canceled and the test of the platform we set up for our Verge project will be put to it’s test.

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